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System Tray Minimizer

System Tray Minimizer 1.2

System Tray Minimizer lets you minimize any windows utilities to the system tray icons and keep your taskbar clean.

free download (2.44 Mb)

Minimize any window to tray in a single click

Actual Window Minimizer 6.4

Use Actual Window Minimizer for more practical and effortless window management. The tool offers various ways of manual and automatic window minimization to the system tray or any desktop spot. Avoid taskbar clutter - minimize your windows anywhere!

free download trial (3.96 Mb) :: order online ($19.95)

Minimize boolean & propositional expressions

Logic Minimizer 1.2.1

Logic Minimizer is an innovative, versatile application for simplifying Karnaugh maps and logical expressions step by step. It is geared for digital and formal logic scholars and academic or anybody involved with logical expressions.

free download trial (6.92 Mb)

Windows management system tray utility

MaxMonkey 2.40

MaxMonkey multiple window management tool. Automatically maximize, minimize, close or restore multiple windows. Target all windows or only specific windows. View hidden windows. Runs in the system tray.

free download trial (781 Kb) :: order online ($5.00)

Makes PDF files smaller.

Make PDF smaller

Makes your PDF files smaller without sacrificing the quality. Perfect for mailing or storage of PDF files. Simply open your PDF, click the 'Make PDF Smaller' button and get your optimized, smaller PDF.

free download (2.29 Mb)

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