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Fuse compiles your Node.js or JavaScript code

Fuse 0.9.0

Fuse compiles your Node.js or JavaScript code into a single executable binary for increased security and easier distribution

free download (10.6 Mb)

Compile and convert batch files in 30 seconds

HF ExeScript 3.0

HF ExeScript is a program that quickly converts batch files (.bat), VBS and JS scripts to executable files (.exe). It also protects contents of .bat, .vbs and .js files from being changed by other users accidentally or intentionally.

free download trial (2.32 Mb)

AnyMap: interactive JavaScript HTML5 maps.

AnyMap JS Maps 8.2.0

AnyMap JS Maps is an advanced JavaScript-HTML5 mapping library with the ever-expanding Map Collection, which makes you able to easily create interactive maps looking great on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Androids and other devices. Highly customizable.

free download trial (22.83 Mb)

Web-Based RAD IDE

Visual JS 1.0

Visual JS is a Web-Based RAD IDE with file manager for building zero-footprint RIA that is based on a top innovative Open Source multipurpose AJAX frameworks jsLINB.

free download (432 Kb)

Turn JavaScript and VBScript files into EXE


ScriptCryptor lets you quickly produce standalone, royalty free applications from your VBS or JS files. VBScript or JScript files will be converted into EXE files, the source of your scripts will be encrypted with Blowfish algorithm.

free download trial (1.21 Mb) :: order online ($54.95)

JavaScript code component to generate PDF

PDF Generator SDK for JavaScript 1.04.84

Pure javascript code component to generate PDF on client side in your web or mobile application. Make PDF with different fonts, font styles, sizes, images and graphics. The script provides easy way to generate PDF invoice with images, text, tables.

free download (2.82 Mb)

Great-looking tooltips without hand coding.

Tooltips Advancer Dreamweaver Extension

Tooltips Advancer is simple way to easily make professionally looking tooltips without writing code. Js and css knowledge is not required. Automatically generates the CSS and JS files. Easy-to-use intuitive GUI. More 20 ready-to-use designs included.

free download trial (1.29 Mb)

JavaScript / HTML5 charting library

TeeChart JS 2018

JavaScript/HTML5 charting library that plots graphs to all compatible browsers in native JavaScript format using the HTML5 Canvas element.

free download (3.28 Mb)

Convert vbs, js, hta, htm into Executables

Application Builder

Not only convert your VBScript (.vbs) , JScript (.js) , HTML, HTA files into Executables (.exe) but it also encrypt your files source code and give it a professional touch by adding your ICON & Version & Company Name to it.

free download trial (544 Kb)

Stop theft of your JavaScript sources!

Javascript Obfuscator 4.3

Scramble, obfuscate, and pack JavaScript code! Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into scrambled and completely unreadable form, preventing analysis and theft.

free download trial (1.43 Mb)

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