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SDK allows upload files from PC to device

Mobile Transfer SDK 2.5.1

WinLib Mobile Transfer SDK allows to develop application for uploading multimedia files from PC to portable devices via Bluetooth, Infrared or USB connection.

free download trial (2.24 Mb)

Heat Surge amish infrared heater review.

Heat Surge Review Presentation 1.0

Heat Surge is an innovation in craftsmanship and modern heating technology. The Heat Surge is fashioned to resemble a fireplace and even boasts a flame facade that will enable you to enjoy serenity without the negative aspects of a real fireplace.

free download (3.13 Mb)

PC remote control software.

Vectir - IR and Bluetooth Remote Control

Vectir is a PC remote control application that lets you control applications such as Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player and PowerPoint with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or infrared (IR) remote control.

free download trial (9.78 Mb)

Light Relief pain therapy device.

Light Relief Review 1.0

The Light Relief device is the newest technology in therapeutic pain relief. This amazing pain relief device uses infrared light to provide soothing warmth to muscles and tissues.

free download (3.27 Mb)

Exclusive NuWave Oven deal and reviews.

NuWave Oven 1.0

The NuWave oven is a breakthrough kitchen accessory that permits anybody to acquire completely ready meals with extreme benefit & effortlessness. This cutting-edge portable oven combines the power of conduction, convection and infrared cooking.

free download (31.5 Mb)

IRCommand2 - IR remote control for the PC

IRCommand2 5.5.4

IRCommand2 is IR (infrared) and X10 remote control software for the PC that enables you to control virtually any device that comes with a remote control. IRCommand2 can also listen for and respond to IR and X10 commands from your remote controls.

free download trial (3.59 Mb)

Phone management for SonyEricsson mobiles

MyPhoneExplorer 1.5.9

Connect your phone via cable, bluetooth or infrared and you'll be surprised how easy and efficient you can manage your phone with this compact software. Features: adressbook, organizer, SMS, filebrowser, calls, profiles, phonemonitor and much more.

free download (2.48 Mb)

Software tool for ringtone creation

Quick Ringtone Converter 1.0

Quick Ringtone Converter is a software tool for ringtone creation. You can cut part of the song that you liked. Support of most commonly used sound file formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAVE. Regulary updated mobile phone base. Easy to use user interface.

free download trial (3.38 Mb)

component that communicates with a GSM modem

ZylGSM 1.24

ZylGSM is a Delphi & C++Builder component that communicates with a GSM modem and allows to you to:
- send SMS in text mode
- send SMS in PDU mode
- dial in voice mode
- dial in data mode
- answer incoming call
- hang up current conversation

free download trial (2.05 Mb)

OxyBook - Smart solution for mobile contacts

OxyBook Free 1.1.0

OxyBook is a contacts manager with an extended functionality which allows to manage your smartphone or classic phone contacts with the help of PC easily and conveniently. You can be always sure that your contacts are safely stored on the PC.

free download (17.45 Mb)

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