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This game is one of the funnies free games.

Very Nuts 1.0

Very Nuts is a crazy funny free downloadable game you simply have to play. You are an acrobat squirrel. There is not a stunt you would not perform for those golden delicious nuts. Gosh this game is one of the funniest free downloadable games ever.

free download (2.14 Mb)

Fight against the presidential candidates!

Presidential Boxing 1.0

Presidential Boxing is a great free downloadable game in which you get to fight against one of the 2004 presidential candidates. You can fight as Bush against Kelly or the other way around.

free download (1.77 Mb)

Get a stick from one side to the other!

Poolstick Challenge 2.0

Poolstick Challenge is an absolutely addictive free downloadable game. Your job is to get a stick safely from one side of the pool to the other. The stick is long and constantly rotating which makes your job a lot harder.

free download (1.87 Mb)

Squeeze G.W. Bush between balloons.

Ragdoll Bush 1.0

Ragdoll Bush is a funny free downloadable game where you get to squeeze G.W. Bush between balloons. Help him go through those tight spaces between balloons and watch him perform some impressive yoga.

free download (1.38 Mb)

Hit other bubbles with your own bubble.

Bubble Splasher 2.0

Bubble splasher is a great free downloadable game. You have to hit other bubbles with your own bubble. To smash a bubble you need to hit one that is the same color as your shooting bubble.

free download (1.39 Mb)

Catch the ball with your slider!

Fancy Brick Breaker 2.0

Fancy Brick Breaker is an improved free brick breaking game offered by free downloadable games. You have to catch a ball with your slider and hit bricks above.

free download (2.07 Mb)

Grab your free copy now!

Sonic Breaker 2.0

You can only play Sonic Breaker if you have already played one of the brick breaking games before. This game is for brick breaking experts. The ball is super fast and your reflexes have to be sharp like never before.

free download (1.38 Mb)

Start up your buggy and go!

Village Race 1.0

Start up your buggy and go. Drive fast trough the village to get to the next one on time. Watch out for those traps on the road. You have no time to spare. Drive fast, every second counts.

free download (1.69 Mb)

Show the world who is the new rock king!

Ready to Rock 1.0

Are you ready to rock? You are a new rock band on the scene and just started to get recognized. You have to prove yourself before your public. They will not tolerate any mistakes.

free download (1.78 Mb)

Train your intelligence to the fullest!

Light Switcher 2.0

Light Switcher is a great game to train your intelligence to the fullest. Switch off all the lights on a panel. It is not as easy as you think. The moment you switch off one light the one next to it switches off as well.

free download (1.4 Mb)

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