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Exchange Server Auditing simplified.

Exchange Server Auditing Software 15.4

LepideAuditor Suite for Exchange Server allows you to perform streamlined Exchange Server Auditing. This Exchange Server auditing software provides you the way to monitor all changes happening in Exchange server.

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Track all changes done in Exchange Server

Audit Exchange Server 15.4

LepideAuditor Suite for Exchange Server keeps track of each and every change taking place on Exchange Server. Moreover, it also keeps tab on the health of your Exchange Servers.

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How to perform Exchange server auditing?

Exchange Server Auditing 15.0

Auditing Exchange Server regularly is very essential task for administrator because any minor or major ignorance can cause severe Exchange data disaster.

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Exchange server auditing simplified

Exchange Auditing Software 15.4

LepideAuditor Suite for Exchange Server is an incredible exchange auditing software that keeps track of every single change taking place on Exchange Server. With this tool you can easily filter alerts to specific users, actions, or objects.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Flexible Exchange Server Auditing solution

Exchange Server Auditing Solution 15.4

Lepide Exchange Server auditing solution provide administrators a way to track all the changes happening in their Exchange Server environment. It also sends quick notification depicting changes made to Exchange Server.

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Why to use Exchange auditing tool

Exchange Auditing 15.1

LepideAuditor Suite - Exchange Server Tool is a professional Exchange auditing tool which generates multiple reports for the changes made and reports that can easily be saved in PDF, CSV and MHT format.

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Track Changes via Windows file server auditor

Windows File Server Auditor 15.3

LepideAuditor for File Server streamlines management of multiple servers by tracking changes done across all file servers and systems. Using LAFS, one can efficiently manage and audit all the file access events while meeting compliance requirements

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Exchange Auditing Tool to upgrade security

Exchange Audit Tool 15.1

Lepide Exchange Auditing tool is used particularly for centralized real time Exchange auditing that helps in keeping a close check on Exchange mailboxes. It also helps you to authenticate the integrity of Exchange database.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Get real-time alerts on file server changes.

File Server Change Auditor Software 15.1

LepideAuditor for File Server is a brilliant File Server Change Auditor Software that provides comprehensive reports on changes to files, folders, shared recourses, and permissions. These reports can be filtered and sorted for better understanding.

free download trial (24.5 Mb)

Customize file server auditing as per needs.

File Share Access Auditor 15.1

Use a brilliant File Share Access Auditor to know about the sharing of files and folders through a Windows network. LepideAuditor for File server provides details about changes in folder structures and changes in permissions as well.

free download trial (24.5 Mb)

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