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Keep mailboxes and emails under surveillance.

Exchange Environment Report 14.06.01

Preparing tabular and graphical Exchange Environment Reports is easier now. One can rely on Lepide Exchange Reporter for making Mailbox Folder Reports, General Reports, Email Flow Reports, and General Reports.

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Download an Exchange Server reporting tool

Exchange Server Reporting 14.06.01

Assess the actual email storage requirements of the organization using an Exchange Server Reporting tool, the Lepide Exchange Reporter. Also use this tool to monitor volume of email traffic, mailbox usage and compliance infringements.

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Generate comprehensive mailbox reports

Exchange Server Mailbox Reports 14.06.01

How is it possible to keep your Exchange environment safe and secure? It is possible only by being vigilant always. Use Lepide Exchanged Reporter and generate Exchange server mailbox reports to get complete information about all Exchange activities.

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Get graphic reports on mailbox folder sizes.

Exchange Server Reporting Software 14.06.01

Lepide Exchange Reporter, a specially designed Exchange Server Reporting Software, helps you keep Exchange infrastructure and users activities under surveillance. It makes meeting email compliances and planning for infrastructure easier.

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Perform Exchange Server mailbox reporting

Exchange Server Mailbox Reporting 14.06.01

Exchange Server mailbox reporting software monitor mailbox status, email usage and storage capacity of an Exchange network. It tracks growth of mailbox folders, email traffic; size of mailbox stores other activities on a MS Exchange platform.

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Understand the emailing behavior of users.

Exchange 2007 Mailbox Size Report 14.06.01

Lepide Exchange Reporter lets you generate Exchange 2007 Mailbox Size Reports even without much technical expertise. This is the best tool to prevent misuse of the organization??ôs email communication system.

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Exchange server reports tool

Exchange Server Reports Tool 14.06.01

Get all the details of activities that are taking place in the Exchange Server environment with the help of exchange reporter utility like Lepide Exchange Reporter. The software facilitates effective distribution of email system resources.

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Generate reports on all Exchange activities

Exchange Mailbox Folder Reports 14.06.01

Use Lepide Exchange Reporter and generate easy-to-analyze Exchange Mailbox Folder Reports. These reports are extremely helpful in planning for the future emailing infrastructure as they provide insight in to the size and growth rate of mailboxes.

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Export Mailbox from Exchange Environment

Export Mailbox from Exchange Environment 2.0

Export Mailbox from Exchange Environment or Export mailbox from running exchange 2010 is easily export facility provided by Exchange Export to PST Conversion Software.

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ARKES is a tool for MS Exchange Server.

Admin Reporting Kit for Exchange Server 7.4

ARKES is an Exchange Server Management and Reporting solution that addresses the critical functions of auditing and reporting Exchange objects' configuration settings, usage and security, and server configuration.

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