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Clean up incriminating evidence from your PC!

Evidence Eliminator 6.0

Evidence eliminator is a tool created to protect your life and privacy. A WYSIWYG interface allows you to remove all internet activity evidence from your pc and clean up files in a non recoverable way.

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Delete internet history

Evidence Blaster 2010

Delete internet history files, erase and clear history evidence. Clean, eliminate, and remove all internet evidence including removing porn files from your computer.

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Forensic Digital Evidence Analysis Software

Digital Evidence Analysis 1.4

The digital evidence analysis process involves analysis of digital evidence. Moreover make it easily understandable that how to store digital evidence. After these a forensic expert can also leverage recovery of digital evidence feature.

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Phishing Blaster is an Anti-Phishing software

BPS Phishing Blaster

Phishing Blaster is a program that monitors the incoming emails and web pages that might be phishing. It also gives you the ability to choose which security level you want to set for your system. It runs in the system tray with user easy access.

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Forensic Evidence Recovery & Analysis Program

Forensic Evidence Recovery 1.3

Forensic evidence recovery Software is competent of performing the procedure of forensic recovery of digital evidence in a cyber forensic investigation. Forensic investigation of emails includes searching, analyzing & collecting email evidences.

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Best Forensic Evidence Software - Cyber Crime

Forensic Evidence Software 1.4

In forensic evidence software the technique of the practice ???how to recover evidence from a crime scene??? has been exaggerated in a most appropriate manner. This evidence toolkit is capable to open large emails & attachments with just one click.

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Tagged Blaster Pro Friend Adder Tool.

Tagged Friend Adder 1.0.4

Tagged Blaster Pro is the internets best Tagged friend adder marketing software tool. Internet marketers are experiencing a gold rush of web 3.0 FREE advertising to highly targeted leads on the fastest growing social network Tagged.

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Evidence Eliminator scrubs your hard drive!

Evidence Eliminator Free Trial 6.01

Evidence Eliminator is the first, best, and most reliable hard drive cleaner

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Submit and Ping your blog to search engines.

Blog Blaster 1.51

Blog Blaster is an automated tool to ping and submit your blogs to over 30 blog search engines with just one click. Pinging your blogs to the search engines is the fastest way to gain increased traffic to your blog.

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Bates numbering software for pdf files

Bates Blaster Software 1.1

Bates stamping and numbering software for Adobe PDF files. Bates Blaster software can apply traditional prefix numbers and incremental prefix numbers often used for court exhibit numbering as a batch process.

free download trial (1.16 Mb)

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