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Description of BackupandShare Desktop

BackupandShare Desktop 1.0.14

free download (19.2 Mb)

Easy-to-use and powerful Backup Software

Timely Backup 1.0.0

Timely Backup is easy-to-use backup software with nice user interface. Timely Backup helps you to backup your data, projects, important files and so on. It has several backup modes. Files to backup can be selected with customizable filters.

free download trial (1.38 Mb) :: order online ($29.95)

An easy backup software for all

Easy Backup 2017

Easy backup is a full backup software and very easy to use. It was designed to be accessible to all, from novice to experienced user! All worthy of a backup software functions are available.

free download (17.42 Mb)

Boxoft Easy Backup - Easy PC Backup Software

Boxoft Easy Backup 1.3

Boxoft Easy Backup is an easy PC backup software for Windows. Back up your computer files, folders, documents, registry, ICQ and more with easy computer backup software

free download trial (3.34 Mb) :: order online ($27.00)

backup important data to Disk, FTP and EMail

Smart Backup 1.20

Smart Backup can help you to backup your important data to Disk, FTP and Email automatically.

free download trial (1.13 Mb)

Backup Before a Disaster Occurs

Migo PC Backup

Smart and powerful disaster recovery and system backup software. Wizards provide simple instructions to backup entire systems or just a few files.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Backup your data online with My Backup Drive.

My Backup Drive 4.8

My Backup Drive makes online backup easy and automatic. Let My Backup Drive keep your data safe and secure, plus we give you easy access to all your files right over the internet. Don't risk data loss anymore, start your backup today!

free download trial (10.36 Mb)

Backup Microsoft Outlook database (pst files)

Static Outlook Backup 2.6a

Outlook Backup is a powerful backup software which can backup all your outlook messages and settings easy and quickly. Outlook Backup can compress, encrypt, upload to FTP or burn to CD/DVD writable device.

free download trial (1.61 Mb) :: order online ($24.95)

Restore Windows XP Backup Data with Ease

Easy XP Backup Restore 5.7

Now, you can effortlessly grab the best tool for restoring XP backup files if you are facing corruption problem in Windows BKF files.

free download trial (2.56 Mb)

Exchange backup recovery solution

Exchange backup recovery solution 2.0

Exchange backup recovery solution is easy driven software with advance technology for recovering and restoring every backup files of exchange.

free download trial (1024 Kb)

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