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Secure Hunter NetstatWrapper

Secure Hunter NetstatWrapper Tool 1.0.1

NetstatWrapper is a small windows GUI tool that can be use to run netstat command using UI with this small tool you can run some of the netstat command line tool and see the result in Notepad.

free download (3.76 Mb)

WinNetstat is a graphical netstat

WinNetstat 1.0.0

WinNetstat is a graphical netstat that also shows what process owns which port.

free download (118 Kb)

Network troubleshooting made easy

NetStat Agent Portable 3.2

NetStat Agent makes diagnosing network connections and troubleshooting connection problems a snap. You will never need to go back to using netstat, arp, ipconfig, ping, traceroute, nslookup or whois tools from the command line!

free download trial (2.36 Mb)

The great alternative to command-line netstat

Real NetStat 3.0

Real NetStat is a powerful and easy-to-use network utility for monitoring TCP and UDP connections on your computer. It is a great alternative to command-line netstat.exe Windows tool. The program has very friendly user interface.

free download trial (2.1 Mb)

Poweful and easy-to-use network toolkit.

NetStat Agent 3.2

NetStat Agent is a powerful and easy-to-use network toolkit for monitoring and diagnosing. It includes all useful network tools like netstat, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, dns query, whois, arp, route and http checker, but in a graphical interface.

free download trial (2.28 Mb)

same functionality as the netstat command

Fayetracker 4.0

FayeTRACKER is a replacement application for the netstat feature in Windows. It offers the same functionality as the netstat command, but has many more features and it makes it much easier to see how applications are connected to the Internet.

free download (168 Kb)

Smart Ad-Wrapper is AdWords keyword tool

Smart Ad-Wrapper 1.1.1

Smart Ad-Wrapper is AdWords utility that allows wrapping adwords, dynamically increase bids, change URLs and Bids for specific keywords and more. Using Smart Ad-Wrapper you will increase your click through ratio and lower your cost per click.

free download trial (1.12 Mb)

Wrapper application for electronic currency

E-Gold Keeper 1.8.3

Wrapper application for E-Gold electronic currency web interface with many advanced feautures.

free download (1.05 Mb)

Monitor your Internet and network connections

X-NetStat 5.62

X-NetStat shows your current Internet and network connections (addresses, ports used, traffic, age, process EXE, status). Includes IP-Lookup Tools, Network Statistics, Remote Access Server, Rules, Port Database. It's kind of like Internet radar.

free download trial (3.15 Mb) :: order online ($49.95)

lock exe, bind arguments, add icon to exe.

Exe Wrapper 4.3885

Exe Wrapper allows you to protect any Exe-file with its own password from non-authorized execution. And it can modify the main icon of the .exe file. Exe Wrapper can change the main icon of executable file. Can bind special argument to an Exe-file.

free download trial (764 Kb)

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