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Backup recently create or changed documents

BackupChanges 1.0

The BackupChanges software is automatic software for backup of changed or new files. The variety of settings allows specifying what files to backup, where put them and how to run backup quickly every time you need.

free download trial (1.13 Mb)

Optimize Backup Files Tool

Optimize Backup Files Tool 1.6.4

Optimize Backup Files Tool is a free windows tool that helps you optimize you backup files whether or not they have changed.

free download (2.6 Mb)

Find the last changed files on your computer

Last Changed Files 1.1

"Last Changed Files" is freeware that will find the 100 files you changed most recently, on your hard drive or within a specific subdirectory. For each file, you will see the file name, full folder path, file size and date of last change.

free download (256 Kb)

Backup iCloud Drive locally with Unclouder.

Unclouder: Backup iCloud Drive 1.0.

Unclouder allows you to backup your iCloud Drive locally, i.e. no matter what happens to your iCloud data, the app makes sure you still have it on your hard drive.

free download trial (1.3 Mb)

Novus Backup - Flexible, Easy Data Saving

Novus Backup 2010

Novus Back-up is the easiest way to backup your data to any hard disk, removable media, the internet or a remote computer on your network. Easy to use, yet powerful: backup of all your files, only those files that have changed since the last backup.

free download trial (23.12 Mb) :: order online ($29.00)

The Airbag for your Data!

12Ghosts Backup 9.70

Keep every change of your documents while you are working on them! Automatically store changed versions in an archive folder and apply a smart filter to keep versions of all ages.

free download trial (720 Kb)

FileClonePro is a real-time backup tool


FileClonePro is a real-time folder monitoring backup tool that synchronizes files or folders. Easy configuration, no skills needed. Atomatically starts with Windows and instantly makes copies of the files that have changed. Automatically or manually.

free download (863 Kb)

It allows you compare before backup.

Compare & Backup 3.0

Compare & Backup is an easy to use backup software which allows you compare source with destination before you do any copy or delete operation. Compare results are shown in 5 sections.So you can exactly know what the different is.

free download trial (1.25 Mb)

Restore Backup Exchange Server

Restore Backup Exchange Server 2.0

Exchange BKF Recovery Utility recover and repair your highly damage backup database without doing any changed in unique arrangement of the file.

free download trial (1024 Kb)

Software to create automatic backups

GSA Backup Manager 2.0.5

The GSA Backup Manager is a program that will help you to create regular backups of your computer files and store them either on external devices or on the local file system. You can choose what files to backup in many ways by filter settings.

free download trial (8.01 Mb) :: order online ($14.00)

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