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effective at blocking unknown keyloggers

[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers 2.0

[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers is just as effective at blocking unknown keyloggers as it is at blocking those that have been around for years.

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Detect & remove keyloggers & spyware

Elite Anti Keylogger 3.0

With Elite Anti Keylogger you can easily remove keyloggers, detect spyware, trojans, worms and other malicious software! Once installed Elite Anti Spy Software protects your privacy right away and forever. Effective keylogger remover.

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Universal anti-keylogger.

Keylogger Hunter 3.02

Utility for blocking the activity of keyboard monitoring programs presumably running on your PC. Neutralizes 66% of keyloggers, depriving them of information about the pressed keys.

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The most efficient anti keylogger

Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana Anti keylogger - provides a very effective anti keylogger protection, working with all major security products. Zemana Antikeylogge significantly improves your security, providing protection against the latest "Zero-Day" spyware and keyloggers

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Anti-keylogger you have been looking for!

DataGuard AntiKeylogger Free

DataGuard is proactive anti-keylogger. It protects your privacy by blocking monitoring features of all kinds of keyloggers, spyware and other monitoring software; known, UNKNOWN, or even being developed right now! Transparent "on-the-fly" protection.

free download (5.39 Mb)

Digital Anti Tracking Cookie Popups Virus

Digital Anti Tracking Cookie Popups Virus 1.3.84

Digital Anti Tracking Cookie Popups Virus- A proactive real-time protection against spyware, adware, keyloggers, hidden dialers, malware, trojans, browser hijackers, and other malicious programs.

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Free Anti keylogger software.

SpyShelter Personal Free 4.51

SpyShelter anti keylogger uses special algorithms to protect you and your data against: spy softwares that are used to steal or reveal your data to other parties, extremely dangerous new keyloggers that steal information you send via your computer

free download (4.24 Mb)

Get rid of spyware and adware in one click!

True Sword 5.6

Get rid of trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers and keyloggers in one click! The easiest and handiest spyware scanner in the world!

free download trial (11.33 Mb)

defeat known and unknown keylogger

DSL Privacy Lock 4.0

DSL Privacy Lock terminate most known keylogger (normal keylogger software or keylogger add by virus). Provide real-time keyboard encryption protection , defeat known and unknown keyloggers.

free download trial (3.16 Mb) :: order online ($24.95)

Keyloggers tool capture PC screenshots


Keyloggers application is easily available on website www.keyloggers.in which has automatic startup feature useful for monitor internet video chatting activities in hidden manner without getting tracked by any antispyware program.

free download trial (1.2 Mb)

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