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Change text containing accents to just text.

Remove Accents From Characters Software 7.0

Change text containing some accents to text without accents. For example, Pok?©mon becomes Pokemon and ?–land becomes Oland. Also, ?‡ to C, ?» to u, ?© to e, ?? to a, ?? to i, ?„ to A, ?‰ to E, ?¦ to ae, ?¶ to o, ?? to U, ?? to Y, ?± to n, etc.

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Quickly and easily type accented characters

Accents 2.0

Mophy Accents allows you to type accented or special characters into any Windows program simply and easily. There is no need to remember special codes, typing accents becomes as easy as typing capital letters.

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Quickly and easily type accented characters!

Type Accents 1.0

Type Accents lets you type accents and other special characters on your computer really easily. There are no special codes to remember - typing accents becomes as easy as typing capital letters!

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Text speaker, audiobook (mp3, amr) creator.

RussAcc 1.0.5

Text speaker, audiobook(mp3,amr) creator. Highlights current text by color. Has option to shutdown PC after sound file recording. Can be used as a text editor. Has full screen mode. Can set correct accents in Russian texts. Presents in Explorer menu.

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Type accents and special characters easily.


Type accented and other special Unicode characters using easy to remember keyboard shortcuts. Search for Unicode characters by name, code and category using the built in Unicode Character Browser. Optionally type characters as html entities.

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Manipulate text using several options.

Manipulate Text In Many Ways Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to manipulate text using several options.

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Speereo Voice Operated Organizer.Sapie.

Speereo Voice Operated Organizer.Sapie. 3.11

Want to schedule your day quickly? No need pushing buttons dozens of times! Talk to Sapie just like to your personal secretary and manage your data with one button. Speed up data input in times!

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An introduction to music software.

Pizzicato Light 3.6

Teach yourself music theory and start using a music software. Write and print small scores with the mouse or through a music keyboard connected to the computer. Hear the score playing. It is a perfect companion to a formal music course in school.

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Application to comm-te with dead relatives

Dead Speak 1.0.0

Application to communicate with dead relatives. Close your eyes, put on the headphones and choose the number of sound threads and listen... Based on EVP technology (communication with the dead).

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Convert any eBooks to audiobooks with ease

Audio Book 1.6.0

Fireebok Audio Book provides an easy and elegant way of converting any pdf, epub, rtf, html and txt ebooks to audiobooks. You can get it in mp3 or aiff format.

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