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Pitch ability: pitch take over and retention.

Pitch Ability Test 1.0

Test your Pitch Ability. Measure your pitch take over and pitch retention abilities. Know where you stand on the road to Absolute Pitch. Especially, measure the criteria: Accurately sing a named note without a reference.

free download (32 Mb)

Improve your Pitch Ability through singing.

SamePitchPlease 1.0

Ear training is very important to understanding music. Keeping the tonic of a piece in mind helps to better analyze a piece while listening. An vital discipline in music is musical memory. SamePitchPlease improves your Pitch Ability through singing.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Absolute startup control manager!

Absolute StartUp Lite 6.0

Startup program manager to tune Windows startup configuration. Absolute StartUp manager provides users with additional startup options, such as starting a program on a certain day, with a delay, after the Internet connection is established, etc.

free download trial (2.82 Mb) :: order online ($29.95)

Alphabetized cross-ref index of your web page

HtmlPageIndex Cross-Reference HPI-0.80.0

HtmlPageIndex Cross-Reference is software which produces an alphabetized cross-reference index of your web page to find errors that you would not find any other way. Every word used is listed and variations stand out as an entry used only once.

free download trial (689 Kb) :: order online ($29.95)

Train your musical ear to learn perfect pitch

Absolute Pitch 2.30

Ear training music app and virtual piano to help you learn perfect pitch, test your aural note recognition and be a better musician. Features a realistic polyphonic piano sound and near full-size piano keyboard for playing music.

free download (279 Kb)

ATS is a full-featured time server.

Absolute Time Server 7.4.830

ATS is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868 and RFC-2030 compatible. Absolute Time Server acts as a background process, has very low system resources consumption, and it can be started before user logon.

free download trial (3.68 Mb)

Uninstall unwanted applications completely

Absolute Uninstaller

This program helps you uninstall applications that you no longer want to use. It can display programs that have missing or bad uninstallers. It offers a more user-friendly way to remove unneeded applications and to improve your computer efficiency.

free download (3.63 Mb)

Create pop up ads that cannot be blocked.

Absolute Pop Up Maker 2.0

Absolute pop up maker is an award winning pop up ad generator for windows.

free download trial (1.29 Mb)

Offline reference for The Reconnection.

The Reconnection 1.0

This program provides an offline reference for information on The Reconnection (alternative healing modality).

free download (504 Kb)

Offline reference for Reconnective Healing.

Reconnective Healing 1.0

This program provides an offline reference for information on Reconnective Healing.

free download (504 Kb)

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