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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: WinXP / Windows Vista Ultimate / Windows Vista Ultimate x64 / Windows Vista Starter / Windows Vista Home Bas
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Clear Blue Security is a free full-featured endpoint security management suite that monitors, detects and reports endpoint security vulnerabilities, including the monitoring of installed malware applications, providing status on updates and patching, implementing a company wide security policy, monitoring installed but unapproved software, alerting suspicious and possibly malicious traffic and scanning network facing IPs for unwanted open ports.

By installing Clear Blue Security, an IT professional will be provided an instantaneous assessment of their entire endpoint security situation that includes every desktop PC and even laptops outside the network.

Email alerts are sent to the central administrator when there is a change in the security status. A convenient Security Center browser-based dashboard gives the IT admin an instant picture of the overall endpoint security level. Inside the Security Center, the Alerts and Solutions tabs identify problem areas and advise the IT admin on how to solve any issues detected.

Reports can be generated from the Security Center via the Assessments tab, allowing the IT admin to generate security audits covering the entire network.

Clear Blue Security utilizes a patent-pending intelligent agent network. Each agent reports back to a local proxy which provides centralized monitoring, detection and alerting for every endpoint where an agent is installed.

About Clear Blue Security:
Clear Blue Security, LLC is a Scottsdale, Arizona based Software Company, which develops Clear Blue Security??, a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service based endpoint security management suite for small and medium sized companies. From its operations and datacenters in both North American and Europe, and in partnership with both Managed Service Providers and Value Adding Resellers, Clear Blue Security Clear Blue Security has helped hundreds of companies automate an otherwise laborious task of managing endpoint security.
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