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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Mac OS X / Mac Other / Other / Mac OS X 10.5(Leopard) / Mac OS X 10.6(Snow Leopard) / Mac OS X 10.7(Lion)
Price: $69.97
Using Remo Repair AVI Mac, one can repair corrupted AVI files in few clicks. AVI files are usually corrupted because of malfunctions or some program errors. Some of these are identified as follows.

Causes of AVI file corruption:

??? File header corruption

??? Codec corruptions and errors

??? Abrupt disruption during AVI file transfer from one device to another

??? Playing the AVI file on an incompatible media player

??? Frequent conversion of the file format of the AVI, leads to unplayable files

A read-only tool, Remo Repair AVI Mac, only picks up the required data and repairs the file using the same. The original contents of the file are preserved as it is. It also repairs other file formats like XVID and DivX and fixes large and unplayable videos too. The software is user-friendly, self-explanatory and straightforward with only a few simple steps.

Steps to use Remo Repair AVI Mac:

??? Download the demo version of Remo Repair AVI Mac

??? Install and launch the application

??? Select the corrupted AVI file to be repaired using the browse option

??? Click on Repair option and begin the repair process

??? When the process is finished, a summary of the repair process is displayed. View the repaired files through the software??ôs Preview option

??? Save the repaired files on any storage device (To save the repaired files, the licensed version of the software is required)
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