Professional diagramming and flowchart tool

EDGE Diagrammer 6.96.2166

Create flowcharts, network diagrams, design diagrams, and all other block diagram types. Drawing boxes or symbols of many shapes and connect them with lines of various types. Full zoom, OLE, graphics import and export, curves, flow symbols.

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Draw Flowcharts and Organization Charts


RFFlow is a drawing tool that allows you to quickly and easily draw flowcharts, organization charts, audit charts, cause-effect (fishbone) diagrams, PERT charts, Gantt charts, database definitions, electronic schematics, and more.

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Software to create Wedding invitation cards

Freeware Marriage Invitation Card Maker

Marriage Invitation card maker Application design the wedding cards start by using wizard or open with an existing design log file. Marriage Invites Maker Application provides an image cropping tool to crop images while designing invitation cards

free download (9.06 Mb)

Take screenshots with arrows and circles.

Screenshot Controller 3.1.0

Take screenshots with arrows and circles using F buttons and paste them as files with CTRL+V. A normally time consuming task, carefully optimized.

free download (544 Kb)

Erzeugt Lindenmayer Systeme (3D/images)


ALSOG - Another L-System Object Generator - ist ein Tool zum Erzeugen von 3D-Objekten, die auf Lindemayer Systemen basieren.ALSOG unterstГјtzt stochastische, kontextsensitive und parametrisierte Lindenmayer Systeme.

free download (10.31 Mb)

Konvertiert Farbpaletten, erzeugt .gif-Bilder

PaletteTool 1.0

PaletteTool konvertiert Farbpaletten zwischen: GIMP (*.gpl), Adobe Photoshop (*.aco), Fractint (*.map), Microsoft (*.pal). PaletteTool exportiert auch nach .js, .css und .html und kann auch .gif-Bilder der Paletten erzeugen.

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Konvertiert Farbpaletten, erzeugt .gif-Bilder

PaletteConverter 1.4

PaletteConverter konvertiert Farbpaletten zwischen: GIMP (*.gpl), Adobe Photoshop (*.aco), Fractint (*.map), Microsoft (*.pal). PaletteConverter exportiert auch nach .js, .css und .html und kann auch .gif-Bilder der Paletten erzeugen.

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iMindQ is software for visualizing ideas.


iMindQ is a software that enables users to clarify and stimulate visual thinking, by creating intuitive mind maps. It supports creativity, productivity, and memorization, making it a tool for solving problems in a visual way.

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Softaken Merge vCard Tool

Softaken Merge vCard 1.0

Softaken Merge vCard is a simple tool with sophisticated features. It resolves vCard data clutter problem and gives users accurate results by merging multiple vCards into one single vCard file. It keeps data quality intact while merging files.

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Bulk Instagram uploader for Mac

Uplet 1.3

This handy app allows you to post photos and videos to Instagram from your Mac and do it in bulk. You can set captions for each image, leave default dimensions or choose to crop it square and retain pictures' original quality.

free download trial (15.77 Mb)

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