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In today??ôs time Indian Contemporary Art is as diverse as it had never been before. Now Contemporary Indian Art has got a space in drawing rooms of almost everyone from elite business houses, royal families to middle class families. Not only in Indian market Indian Contemporary Art is now first choice of art collectors internationally who are ready to buy them at exorbitant prices.

Galleria Art Gallery makes this buying and selling of Indian Contemporary Art through its online art gallery. It has large collection of Contemporary Indian Art and Modern art in different varieties uploaded and created by renowned Indian artists.

Galleria Art Collectors also believe in giving chance to upcoming artists and that??ôs the reason we allow new artists to upload their art work on Galleria Art Collectors. Art collectors having interest in Indian Contemporary Art and modern art can view the latest collection and buy modern art online.

We are one of the largest Indian Contemporary art and modern art repositories in India and a strong platform where art lovers, buyers, sellers, investors, advertisers and collectors can gather and share their interests.

Buy modern art at affordable prices on galleriaartcollectors.com and decorate your walls within a limited investment.
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