ASCII-art plug-in for Photoshop and GIMP.

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Ascii-art.8bf 0.0.2



Supported languages: English, German
Supported OS: Mac OS X / WinXP
Price: Free
ASCII-art plug-in for Photoshop, GIMP and many other programmes

Perfect for making ASCII-art-pictures with the picture editing programm you are used to work with. A special algorithm is used for detecting surfaces and changes them into letters. It is possible to use this for the layer of a picture in the rgb-mode.

You can create simple black-and-white-ASCII-art. There is also the possibility to create coloured ASCII-art. For coloured pictures you can separate red, green and blue. This gives you the possibility to create ASCII-art with special personal touch.

You can choose the alphabet you want. It is possible to use the same letter more than once for one picture. All ASCII-symbols are allowed (A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and symbols). The ?éČ-symbol also can be used. Symbols that are not part of the ASCII are not supported. They are replaced trough spaces. An alphabet can have up to 255 letters.

For a perfect result the original picture should have strong contrasts. There are also some examples and tutorials available at http://en.photoshopfilter.ascii-art.at
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