Assign read or edit permissions to columns.

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SharePoint Column Permission 1.10.1125.0



Supported languages: English, Chinese, ChineseSimplified
Supported OS: Windows2003
Price: $199.00
SharePoint Column Permission assigns users/groups read/edit permission to list columns. SharePoint default permission setting does not define column permissions. SharePoint Permission Boost controls column permissions by overwriting some control templates. It provides following functions:
If SharePoint user has no read permission to some column,
• The contents of this column will be hidden to him/her in item display form or edit form
• List views which contain this column are invisible to him/her and cannot be selected by him/her in View Select Menu
If SharePoint user has no edit permission to some column
• The contents of this column will be read-only to him/her in item edit form
• List views which contain this column cannot be switched to datasheet view or be edited in MS Access (the menu items in Actions Menu will be hidden to him /her)
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