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Crypter - high-performance executable packer


Crypter is a high-performance packer and protector for Windows 32bit executables Crypter can encrypt and compress any 32-bit executable without affecting its direct functionality. The official Crypter website: www.crypter.com

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BitCrypter - high-performance crypter


BitCrypter is a high-performance crypter and protector for native Windows 32bit exe files and .NET apps. BitCrypter can encrypt and compress the programs without affecting their direct functionality. The official BitCrypter website: www.crypter.com

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effortless botnet builder

CasperSpy 2.1

The easiest way to build Undetectable Botnet

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Program for encryption and data protection.

Easy Crypter 2010 3.21

Easy Crypter 2010 - a safe and convenient program which allows you to encrypt/decrypt single or multiple files as well as text, such as e-mail. Easy Crypter 2010 is easy to use and does not require any knowledge in the cryptography sphere.

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Undetectable Keylogger

Undetectable Keylogger 1.2.45

Undetectable Keylogger is an invisible spy tool just like a hidden surveillance camera pointed directly at your PC monitor, recording everything done online or offline! Our keylogger is really undetectable! More at www.undetectable-keylogger.com

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free undetectable keylogger

Free Undetectable Keylogger 9.6

Free Undetectable Keylogger is an easy-to-use monitoring tool. It allows you to investigate everything that happens on your PC.
The program works on all Windows systems.

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Aloaha PDFCrypter seals your PDF

Aloaha PDF Crypter 3.9.305

Aloaha PDFCrypter seals your PDF with the public key of the recipient. Non PDF files are beeing compressed and PKCS#7 enveloped.No special decryption client needed. Adobe Reader 6 or 7 is enough. Seal PDF Documents secure!

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100% Fully Undetectable Keylogger

TGEYE v2.5.0

100% Fully Undetectable Keylogger capable of email and FTP log sending. Can auto-spread to USB drives, disable task manager and RedEdit, add itself to startup, automatically upgrade, and much more!

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Spytector Lite Keylogger

Spytector Lite

Spytector Lite is the most stealth and undetectable keylogger available for Windows platform. Spytector Lite keylogger is undetectable for the most used antivirus products! Official website: www.spytector.com

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Spytector Keylogger


Spytector is the ultimate invisible and undetectable keylogger (keystroke logger) that completely meets your PC monitoring and surveillance requirements. Spytector keylogger is undetectable even for advanced users! Official website: www.spytector.com

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