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Where you will find amazing marsh.

Exhalation Screensaver 1.0

Where you will find amazing marsh. It is a little different. It is magical. It is home to many different fabulous beasts and other strange animals. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see them. This is a very strange place...

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Fixation is an interesting puzzle game.

Fixation 1.0

This is a dialogue-heavy puzzle game about people and their habits. It might not be for everyone. Explore strange locales, meet strange people, solve strange puzzles. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move and jump/double jump.

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A magical fog would delay you into the...

Cryptic Fog Screensaver 1.1

A magical fog would delay you into the thicket. This screensaver is dedicated to strange places. In these places, inhabited by strange monsters and other amazing creatures. Usually in those moments over the marsh or river arises magical mist.

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Dream Chronicles The Book of Air

Dream Chronicles The Book of Air 1.0

Help Lyra, Fayes daughter, find the unique Clockmaker and escape from a strange dimension in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air! The day before her 18th birthday, Lyra finds herself trapped in a strange dimension.

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Explore every new planet out there.

Strange Attractor 2.0

Strange Attractor is an awesome space free shooting game. You are an intergalactic explorer. Your mission is to explore every new planet out there. On this particular mission you noticed some heavy alien activity.

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A player takes the role of a strange...

Bounced 1.3

A player takes the role of a strange, unusual creature who has to go through fire and water to complete his journey. The game has two characters that are limited by the passage of time as levels advance.

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You assist a strange character named Gilbert.

Stasis 1.3

You assist a strange character named Gilbert who has the ability to briefly fall into stasis, thus freezing time. Gilbert must overcome all obstacles along his difficult path.

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Strange creatures concealed from human eyes

Under the Sea ScreenSaver 2.0

Two third of the Earth surface are covered by the water. Strange creatures live their mistique lifes concealed from human eyes under the sea. Look at them straight from your desktop with Under the Sea Slideshow.

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3D logic/puzzle board game.

Halloween Night Riddle 1.0

3D logic/puzzle board game. Complete 30 levels of riddles of the Halloween beautiful witch and find your way home through the strange abandoned mansion.

free download (19.66 Mb)

Spooky 3D screensaver awesome full moon.

Fantasy Moon 3D Screensaver 1.5

Awesome spooky 3D screensaver with full moon, enchanted forest and haunted house. Great for home or office, it is especially popular during Halloween and among kids. The graphics, sounds and 3D effects are great. This saver is surely worth it.

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