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New method of data regression analysis.

DRS 2011

Least Cubic Method is a new method for data regression analyse , it expanded Least Square Method.

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Potty training regression toolbar for IE.

Potty Training Regression 1.0

Potty training regression for Internet Explorer. Find potty training toddlers blogs and helpful information resources.

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Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting.

Regression Analysis and Forecasting 3.0

The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template provides a reliable identification of value drivers and forecasting business plan data. Advanced statistical tests performed include significance, autocorrelation and multicollinearity.

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Website and Web Application Testing.

Regression Tester 1.04

Website and Web Application Testing.

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A powerful statistical analysis tool

Analysis Studio 6.30.3546.16859

An intuitive and powerful statistical analysis and data mining tool. Analysis Studio features a fast deep logistic regression model development and deployment, regression analysis, crosstab tables. Free license key: A294A50066D2E03AE86C

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Statistics software for data analysis.

Visual Stats 1.2.3

Data analysis and multivariate statistical analysis: Probability analysis, descriptive statistics, frequency analysis, variance analysis, regression.

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MEPX - data analysis software

MEPX 2015.05.22

MEPX - a complex data analysis software running on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Ubuntu. It is used for solving regression and classification problems. MEPX is based on Multi Expression Programming which generates computer programs in an automatic way.

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Nonlinear regression analysis - DataFitting

Regression Analysis - DataFitting 1.7.4

DataFitting is a powerful statistical analysis program that performs linear and nonlinear regression analysis (i.e. curve fitting).

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Multivariate Data Analysis Software

The Unscrambler 10.0.0

Complete software package for Multivariate Data Analysis and Experimental Design. The Unscrambler`s Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Partial Least Squares Regression (PLSR) analysis and three-way PLS regression capabilities are unparalleled.

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Intuitive Test Management Environment.

Zeta Test

Zeta Test is an integrated test management environment that enables you to perform black-box tests, white-box tests, regression tests or change management tests of software applications.

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