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Another Planet Screensaver

Another Planet Screensaver 1.0

Another Planet Screensaver

free download (7.99 Mb)

Play The X Planet action game!

The X Planet 1.0

Action and adventure found a perfect match in The X Planet free action game! So what is The X Planet all about? You stranded on a far away asteroid long forgotten by its previous inhabitants.

free download (1.77 Mb)

Welcome to the Planet Earth!

Our Planet Screensaver 1.0

People say that our planet is not as large as it seems to be at first sight, and still it is wonderful. Our Planet Screensaver will help you to be sure in this. You have to see it from outer space!

free download (2.31 Mb)

Pictures taken from outer space

Planet Photo Screensaver 1.0

While your computer is idle, five full size pictures taken from outer space will give you the opportunity to see how beautiful the our planet is. Don't miss the chance to "fly" in outer space with Planet Screensaver.

free download trial (1.23 Mb) :: order online

Escape from the unknown planet!

Weird Planet 3.1

This game is a murderous action where the main character is to pass several levels to escape from the unknown planet inhabited by various monsters. It is necessary to stay alive to pass the level.

free download (2.64 Mb)

Battle For Aqua is a  dynamic 3D scroll..

Battle For Aqua 1.7

Battle For Aqua is a dynamic 3D scroll shooter with a space theme, where you fight for the planet, Aqua. Pass through 11 levels, from the asteroid belt to final battles on the surface of the planet.

free download (29.47 Mb)

Liberate your planets with your spacefighter.

Atomaders 1.12.0

You have to liberate your planet system from alien invasion using your spacefighter. Player can obtain various extra-weapons and special abilities by destroying enemy cyborgs, fighters and motherships. Each planet has its own cyborgs and bosses.

free download trial (8.19 Mb) :: order online ($19.95)

Escape from Yepi Planet is an adventure game.

Escape from Yepi Planet 1.0

Support the cute, fluffy Yepi on his adventurous mission to flee from his home planet and rescue his love who was captured by evil aliens. Point and click on the given spots in the right order to cause a chain of action.

free download (10.74 Mb)

On a small planet very similar to Earth, a ..

Torkven 1.1

On a small planet very similar to Earth, a disaster has struck, a nuclear warhead. It has changed the planet beyond recognition. Plants and some animals began to mutate and gain intelligence. Now, their power is enormous, and they begin to destroy..

free download (32 Mb)

Enjoy the beautiful views of the Venus planet

Venus Observation 3D for Mac OS X 1.0

Transfer yourself to the orbit of the Venus planet. Observe and explore this amazing cosmic object. High detailed space scenes in full 3D complete with relaxing ambient music will definitely impress you and your friends.

free download trial (2.37 Mb) :: order online ($5.99)

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