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Nailed up, persistent VPN for Win XP/Vista/7

VPN Dialer 2012.05.22

Maintain persistent, nailed up, permanent, automatic VPN connection using the built-in PPTP and L2TP/IPSec dial-up VPN facility included in Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

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SAGA is a persistent world MMORTS game.

Saga 1.36

SAGA is a persistent world MMORTS in an epic fantasy setting. Players collect troops, build armies, conquer new lands and build up kingdoms, complete with resource collection, city building and peasant management.

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Tegd short URL

Tegeurlshort V1.0

Tegd Short URL Generator is an amazing software, she can shorten your long URL into a short URL.

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Calculator With 5 Persistent Memory Banks

MemCalc 1.0

MemCalc has all the basic functions of a standard calculator plus a few unique extras including one no other has; 5 separate and persistent memory banks. These are handy for keeping track of up to 5 checking and savings accounts, payments, mortgages

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Collect URL scans internet for URL links.

Collect URL 1.0

Collect URL scans internet like a search engine bot. Starting from the user entered URL, it lists all the links on the URL. Then it recursively scans all the links in the list. User can limit Collect URL to collect single domain only.

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URL Encoder - Decoder

URL Encoder-Decoder 1.00

This tool will help you to insert some URL into another as parameter. It`s very useful for web designers. Inserted URL must be Encoded!

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Count days and costs since you quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Stopwatch

Quit Smoking Stopwatch counts days since you quit smoking. It also counts how much money you save every second you don't smoke. If you'll be persistent, your success in being a non smoker will be awarded with medals!.

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Remove file extensions from URLs and src code

PageXchanger 2.0.6

PageXchanger for IIS erases file extensions from URLs, and negotiates images and languages for a more secure and user-friendly Web site. Port80's powerful content negotiation shortens URLs, hides underlying technology, and eases platform transitions.

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The fullest directory (database) of bearings.

All-bearings 1.0

The fullest directory (database) on bearings. Over 47000 names! The needle bearings, a shaking support, the unilateral radially-persistent bearing microbearings, tiny ball-bearings, Corrosion-proof ball-bearings...

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CG URL Filtering Secures the Web.

URL Filtering NG-1.2.6

CG URL Filtering allows you to restrict the Web access with blacklists or white lists of URLs classified by categories.

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