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Feel the spirit of competition!

Free NFL Teams Screensaver 1.0

The NFL is indubitably the most popular sports league in the North America. Now the league consists of thirty-two teams. Check this Free NFL Teams Screensaver out and see if a player from your favorite team is in it. Feel the spirit of competition!

free download (2.72 Mb)

See the most memorable moments of NFL games!

Free NFL Games Screensaver 1.0

Are you a true fan of National Football League? Do you try not to miss broadcasts of best games on TV or do your best to get the tickets for the NFL championship game? Then this Free NFL Games Screensaver is the right thing for you.

free download (2.72 Mb)

Early Baseball Pictures, 1860s-1920s

Old Time Baseball Screensaver 1.0

The 250 images are from the 1860s-1920s. They are mostly photos of major league teams and players. Also included are some photos of amateur teams, college teams and their players. There are a few photos of women playing baseball.

free download trial (13.1 Mb)

Web Based NFL Football Pool

Brewster's NFL Football Pool 2010.0.0.5

Brewster's NFL Football Pool is a web-based pool for the NFL regular season. A web based football pool, specially this pool, provides many advantages and efficiencies over a paper-based pool. More features than you can tackle in a quarter.

free download (1.54 Mb)

Predicts winners & spreads using only scores.

NFL Forecaster 7.20

Ranks NFL teams & predicts winners & spreads. Requires only 10 minutes to input game scores. 65% accuracy over 26 seasons (71% in 1998). Includes Cotton Calendar. View/print 8 reports and the schedule. 8 categories of statistics. Updated for 2010-

free download trial (750 Kb)

Pro Football Theme for Firefox Browser

Pro Football Theme for Firefox 1.1

Follow NFL teams right in your browser.. plus it includes a great looking theme!

free download (594 Kb)

This is a sport video game.

ABC Monday Night Football 1.0

ABC Monday Night Football is an American football computer game named after the television broadcast of the same name. It was licensed by ABC Sports

free download (1.32 Mb)

Amazing transition effects

NY Yankees Stars Screensavers 1.0

This fantastic NY Yankees Stars Screensaver offers you excellent photos of the well-known baseball players representing one of the most famous baseball teams in the world.

free download (2.38 Mb)

Are you interested in sports?

Basketball Show Screensaver 1.0

Are you interested in sports? Do you love basketball? Then you surely like this free Basketball Show Screensaver. Download it and enjoy the outstanding collection of images of basketball stars and famous teams right on your desktop!

free download (2.12 Mb)

NFL Indianapolis Colts Firefox Theme

Indianapolis Colts NFL Firefox Theme 1.05

This is for the fan of NFL's Indianapolis Colts or just someone that loves a great looking football theme! Includes links to the Colt's site, up-tp-date videos in the sidebar!

free download (752 Kb)

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