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Can you trap the mouse?

Mouse Trap 1.1.0

Can you trap the mouse?

free download (342 Kb)

Mouse Click software for automatic clicks

Mouse Click 1.0

Mouse Click software utility allows automatic mouse clicks on computer screen. Automatic double or single clicks for left button or right button on mouse. Mouse Click cliks your muose button automatically.

free download trial (4.65 Mb)

Automate repetitive mouse clicks

Automatic Mouse Clicker MWW 1.0

Automate repetitive mouse clicks and let the software utility do mouse clicks for you. This program is lightweight and clicks anywhere you place your mouse at the intervals and times you specify.

free download (260 Kb)

Easily and quickly Switch your mouse settings

Mouse Speed Switcher 3.4.1

Quickly and easily switch 10 sets of mouse settings. This is ideal for laptop users that switch between using the touchpad and an external mouse, but want a different pointer speed for each device. The program can automatically switch setting.

free download (1.92 Mb)

Mouse Clicker,Advanced Mouse Clicker

Advanced Mouse Clicker

Advanced Mouse Clicker is really smart and powerful tool that can simulate a lot of mouse actions. And it has an "eye" that allows it to see the screen.

free download trial (1.03 Mb) :: order online ($14.95)

Mouse Clicker to Automatically Click Mouse

Auto Clicker 1.1

Mouse Clicker to Click Mouse Automatically at Mouse Location. Start and Stop Mouse Clicking with a configurable Keyboard Shortcut. Download Mouse Clicker to keep your mouse clicking untill you stop it or for configurable mouse clicks.

free download trial (623 Kb)

Lock / Unlock mouse cursor with mouse utility

Easy Mouse Lock 1.1

Lock Mouse cursor with Easy Lock Mouse Utility within user defined rectangle.Mouse is released when utility closed.The main screen of the utility can be minimised automatically when mouse cursor is locked. Unlock Mouse cursor by closing the utility.

free download trial (629 Kb)

One Keyboard many pc plus mouse

1kbmanypc.2.1 1

One Keyboard many pc plus mouse incorperates all types of computers use many pcs with one keyboard and mouse.

free download (901 Kb)

Automatically drag the mouse without pressing

Automatically Drag Without Holding Mouse Down Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically drag the mouse without holding the button down.

free download trial (2.66 Mb)

Automate Mouse Clicks with Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click 1.0

Automate Single or Double Left or Right Mouse Clicks easily and quickly with Auto Mouse Click Software Utility. Sace Mouse Clicks in a data file and load the clicks whenever you wish to run them. Download Auto Mouse Click and automate mouse clicks.

free download trial (624 Kb)

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