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3270,5250,VT/100,SCO ANSI Terminal Emulation

PASSPORT PC to Host 2010-514

PASSPORT PC to Host? provides Windows-based TN3270, TN5250, SCO ANSI, VT100, VT220 and VT420 telnet terminal emulation for Microsoft Windows Includes Visual Basic and VBscript support, can be deployed using SMS, MSI, Citrix or Microsoft Terminal

free download trial (6.9 Mb)

Domain MX checker and RDNS IP to Host

IToolz 1.10

iToolz is a Windows program for domain verification and DNS resolving. It includes a Domain MX checker, IP to Host resolver and a Catch-all email verifier. It's advanced features and high reliability makes it a very powerful software program.

free download trial (1 Mb)

Add site search engine to your website

SSForge Business 1.5

SSForge (Site Search Forge) is a web-based program to meets all your site search needs.With SSForge, you can create, manage and run your own site search engines on your website host with two easy to use web interface.

free download trial (502 Kb) :: order online ($199.00)

Internet ping tool with Windows interface

Network Ping 2.3

This is a visual ping.exe utility for Windows. You may check communication with computer or look up if a host is online by executing a ping command. Windows has a command line tool, but this software has something better - nice visual output!

free download trial (548 Kb)

Discovering information using finger service.

Finger 2.3.7

Finger is the tool for discovering user information by using well known finger service. To use the finger tool enter the User@)Host in the Finger Input box, and click on the Query button.

free download (485 Kb)

Hide files and folders. Firewall network.

Host Security Personal 1.40.115

Host Security Personal password-protects files, folders, and drives. It can also stop hackers from accessing you computer, prevent children from visitting unhealthy websites, and block MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger.

free download trial (853 Kb) :: order online ($49.95)

Dynamic DNS client for DNSMax and ThatIP

Winip 4.0.10

WinIP allows internet users to access your computer via a static host name like myname.example.com even though you may have a dynamic IP address. This lets others access your web, file, or other server the same way every time.

free download (351 Kb)

Synchronize computer clock with Atomic Clock.

Absolute Time Corrector 8.7.3118

Absolute Time Corrector is an award-winning program, which allows you to synchronize your local PC time using NIST (National Institute of Standard Time) Internet Time Service or LAN time servers.

free download trial (4.19 Mb) :: order online ($19.97)

CC Get MAC Address is a  handy tool.

CC Get MAC Address 3.4

CC Get MAC Address, from www.youngzsoft.net/cc-get-mac-address, is a handy tool to help you find mac address, computer name and IP address on the network. With it, you can lookup mac address and wake up any computers on your LAN remotely.

free download trial (1.42 Mb) :: order online ($30.00)

Award-winning network monitoring software

Advanced Host Monitor 8.68

HostMonitor is a system management tool that continuously monitors servers availability and performance. It has 62 test methods, 30 alert methods, highly flexible report and log manager. Package includes Log Analyzer, Web Service and other utilities.

free download trial (15.86 Mb) :: order online ($599.00)

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