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Find Duplicate Folder - Best Finder

Find Duplicate Folder 4.61

Find Duplicate Folder - easily find duplicate folder in your root catalogue, it also means that this tool can find duplicate folder in any location on your drives. Automatically starts to find duplicate folder!

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Hide Folder and Files with Encryption

Stealth Folder Hider 9.8

Stealth folder is password protected. Stealth Folder also comes with Clear Tracks and File shredder.

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Lock Folder, Hide Folder, Secure Folder

Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0

lock files,locking folders,lock file,lock knives,password folder,lock windows xp,lock knife,encryption folder,encrypt folder,folder hide,lock drives,secure folder,lock secure,folder share,password protecting folder,folder security,lock protector,lock

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Remove Duplicate Folder - Easy and Fast

Remove Duplicate Folder 3.86

Remove Duplicate Folder - high speed removing is now easy with the tool designed to remove duplicate folder. Remove duplicate folder in any location, even remove duplicate folder on multimedia players with our tool.

free download trial (12.98 Mb)

Music Folder Organizer - Complex Tool

Music Folder Organizer 4.39

Music Folder Organizer - is the awesome multifunctional music folder organizer for PC. This best music folder organizer can now organize music directly in folders. Download totally renewed music folder organizer!

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Dr. Folder - Change Windows Folder Icon

Dr. Folder

Dr. Folder - Just One Click! Change Desktop or Windows Folder Icons and Colors!

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Get Outlook Contacts Folder Import to vCard

Outlook Contacts Folder Import 2.7

Outlook contacts folder import tool is a perfect key to import Outlook contacts folder to vCard file and vice versa. Multiple contacts can import Outlook contacts folder to vCard files. Enhance the compatibility of Outlook contacts folder.

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folder comparison or synchronization utility

Abonsoft Folder Compare 1.0

Abonsoft Folder Compare is powerful and easy-to-use folder comparison software. You can easily find all your different files/folders. And you can easily copy/move them to another side or to any folder of your computer.

free download trial (492 Kb) :: order online ($24.95)

Music Folder Organizer

Music Folder Organizer Software 3.56

Music Folder Organizer - the best music folder organizer software developed to organize music tracks with music folder organizer. Download this music folder organizer, automatic music organizer tool as home music organizer software.

free download trial (9.47 Mb)

Music Organizer

Get Automatic Music Folder Organizer 5.40

Music Folder Organizer is the best music folder organizer utility created to organize music with music folder organizer. Use this music folder organizer, automatic music folder organizer utility.

free download trial (7.79 Mb)

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