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The ultimate HL7 integrator's HL7 tool.

Hl7Spy 1.5.3897

HL7Spy is the fastest, most full-featured HL7 tool on the market. It has been designed to load and analyze files with hundreds of thousands of messages, quickly and efficiently. Download a free copy and take it for a test drive today.

free download trial (8.71 Mb)

Makhaon DICOM Storage (Makhaon PACS)

Makhaon DICOM PACS 3.0.193

It is a package intended for creating integrated expandable medical images storage, in order to store large amounts of data obtained from the different medical diagnostic equipment. It provides long-term medical study storage

free download (32 Mb)

Worklist manager (Worklist broker)

Makhaon Worklist Server 3.2.42

Protects the integrity of the patients` data storage in the healthcare provider information system (HIS), as well as provides medical research planning and patients` data transfer to medical devices.

free download (24.81 Mb)

WaveCut is an visual audio editor

WaveCut Audio Editor

Lightweight visual audio editor for Windows with MDI interface. It provides powerful and user-friendly editing environment which suits beginners especially and perform basic editing capabilities like: cut, copy, paste and delete.

free download trial (1.84 Mb)

Open Source Graphical-based ESB

ChainBuilder ESB 2.0

ChainBuilder ESB is an open source solution for use in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments. ChainBuilder ESB creates standards-based components though drag and drop graphical user interfaces.

free download (32 Mb)

Disk Editor - advanced Disk Editor tool

Active Disk Editor 7.0.15

Disk Editor is a free low level hexadecimal editor specifically aimed to explore NTFS partitions internals. Extended color marked templates, easy edit navigation make this utility a valuable tool for data recovery specialist.

free download (22 Mb)

Editor.NET is an advanced code editor.

Editor.NET 2.5

Editor.NET is an advanced code editor allowing integration of a highly flexible edit control in your .NET applications.

free download trial (32 Mb)

subtitl Editor,directly add and edit captions

Pop Subtitle Editor 1.00.1

POP Video Editor is an easy-to-use subtitle editor, can directly add and edit subtitle for movies, So that you can see the subtitle any case. With POP Video Editor you can edit subtitle for movies efficiently and easily.

free download trial (4.81 Mb) :: order online ($24.95)

Syntax highlighting Editor for INI files

INI Editor 1.00

INI Editor is a text editor with syntax highlighting for INI files.
With INI Editor you can edit the ini files more easily and quickly.

free download trial (5.72 Mb) :: order online ($14.95)

ProEdi der neue Editor mit Syntaxhervorhebung

ProEdi 1.0

ProEdi bietet Ihnen viele Features die Sie sonst nur in teuren Segment der Editoren finden.

free download trial (1.83 Mb)

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