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Tabla Fillers with Intro, Fills and Endings

Tabla Fillers 2.1

Tabla Fillers with Intro, Fills and Endings. These fillers can be used in making compositions for songs, instrumental music and any other kind of compositions. The fillers are recorded at 16 bit 44.1 Khz sampling rate in wav format.

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Create and analize parallel texts.

Translation Helper 4.2

Create and use searchable translation memories with Translation helper. Analyze parallel texts to discover possible glossary matches. Create word lists from files and websites. Sort words by frequency. Create word lists by word endings.

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Street Fighter II is action game for free.

Street Fighter 2

When you're ready for the ultimate retro gaming experience, unlock the full version of the game and choose from all eight original characters as well as four boss characters, each with their own special endings and home levels.

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Find and replace utility that supports regexp

Find and Replace It For Windows 2.3.2

Find & Replace It! is a powerful search and replace utility. It allows performing very complex batch-replacement inside text files of any size. It supports regular expression syntax and dozens of encodings.

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Can you save the smart mouthed Kangaroo?

HangARoo 2.052

Guess the phrases by selecting letters to fill in the slots. If you make too many errors, you know what happens next - the cute Kangaroo will be earning his wings. Fun filled game with hilarious audio, 120+ categories and 8,500+ phrases and terms.

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a program that sparks interest in languages

StudyMaster5OOO 1.0

This is a program that can spark your interest in a language. It focuses on grammar or vocabulary. You will learn beginner words first, and in several months see that you can pick up words from your target language. It will be fun to learn words.

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Create word lists based on word frequency.

Word Frequency 4.2

Create word lists based on word frequency. Simply select a text file and save the resulting list. The Word Frequency program makes finding the most common words in any language easy.

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PC alarm clock software for computer.

PC Alarm Clock 3.01

PC Alarm Clock is an easy to use computer alarm clock software. The multi-alarm can be set for many different times, and you can use your favorite MP3 songs or audio files as the ring sound for each alarm.

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Darling 3D boy and girl Valentine cupids.

3D Valentine Cupids 1.0

Darling 3D boy and girl Valentine cupids fly among moving clouds. She shoots arrows drawn from the air and he blows multiple heart-shaped kisses that grow in size and fade away like bubbles.

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Life's not always a easy when you are a witch

The Witch and The Warrior 1

Life's not always easy when you are a witch, in a world that is still coming to peace with it's past. An uneasy truce is just forming between the magic and non-magic folk after years of war. At the head of the peace efforts is Queen Clarise.

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