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check your proxies if they are blacklisted  i

Rbl checker 0.01

check your proxies if they are blacklisted in : en.spamhaus.org , bl.spamcop.net , cbl.abuseat.org , bl.spamcop.net , sbl.spamhaus.org, blackholes.five-ten-sg.com ,dnsbl.sorbs.net, bl.spamcannibal.org ,dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net, dnsbl-2.uceprotect.n

free download (486 Kb)

DNS Blacklist check and monitor software

DNS Blacklist Monitor 1.0

DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) monitor software is the most perfect monitoring and alerting tool on the internet for Email servers administrators to monitor their email servers public IP addresses in DNS blacklists and get alerts by email or mobile SMS.

free download trial (2.84 Mb)

Email Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Filter

CleanMail Server Free

CleanMail is a complete email security solution (anti-spam/anti-virus) that easily integrates into existing email environments. CleanMail includes a comprehensive set of filters (SpamAssassin, Clam Anti Virus, attachment blocker, DNSBL filtering).

free download (20.29 Mb)

Query up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists

Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1.1

Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing lets you check to see if a given IP address or hostname is on one of up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists. Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing is provided by SpamButcher completely free of charge.

free download (1 Mb)

An email client with built-in spam filter.

Clyton 5.0

Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features. Although priced for the general public, Clyton possesses the reliability and security required by businesses.

free download trial (8.5 Mb)

Robust and secure SMTP/POP3 server

E-Mail Server 5.18

Robust and secure SMTP/POP3 server. Easy to set up and very intuitive to use. Lots of security and anti spam features. Multiple SMTP gateways for messages that cannot be delivered directly. Mass mailing with sophisticated macro substitution.

free download trial (13.72 Mb)

Corporate Chat Server (IRCX)

OfficeIRC Server 2.3

Corporate IRC Chat Server that allows a business to run their own public chat service or internal Instant Messaging (IM) system. Colleagues can send messages or files to each other within the office, at home or geographically separate sites.

free download trial (2.99 Mb)

Spam filter for TheBat! and Voyager

AntispamSniper for The Bat!

Antispam and antiphishing plug-in for The Bat! and Voyager. The plug-in filters POP3, IMAP accounts and deletes most of spam on the server by headers.

free download trial (2.11 Mb)

Corporate antispam server

GateWall Mail Security 2.2

GateWall Mail Security is a solution for the protection of corporate email from viruses, phishing, spam and other malicious messages, that allows preventing confidential information leaks.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Mail spam filter (SMTP/POP3 proxy server)

No Spam Today! for Servers

Mail spam filter (SMTP/POP3) that easily integrates with every mail server software. NoSpamToday includes the award-winning SpamAssassin filter, an attachment blocker, and an RBL filter. Virus scanners can be integrated into the filtering pipeline.

free download trial (15.15 Mb)

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