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Prevent Conflicted Copies in Dropbox

Conflicted Copy Pro 1.0.1

Conflicted Copy Pro prevents Dropbox and Dropbox Team users from opening the same Word, Excel or PowerPoint shared file at the same time! CCP completely eliminates conflicted copies in all of your Microsoft Office documents. conflictedcopypro.com

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Use for clean off computer from files' copies

My Duplicate Finder 2.1

My Duplicate Finder - is a compact program allow you to clean off your computer from files' duplicates.

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Multiple copies of MSN Messenger.

MSN Messenger Polygamy 2009.14

Multiple copies of MSN Messenger.

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remove duplicate, search for copies

Orderprog Duplicate File Finder 2.2

This simple software is designed to find and remove duplicate files of different types. The copies of the same files take up a lot of space on your PC's hard drive, so their removal frees hard disk of unnecessary files.

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Mail Them is designed for mass mailings

Mail Them 2.0

Mail Them is an advanced solution for mail list management for FREE!. It can send HTML pages with embedded graphics. You can choose between Personal Copies or Blind Carbon Copies (BCC). BCC is recommended for large lists or lists with attachments.

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Extract audio CD tracks and save them to MP3.

RippMe 3.04

RippMe is a software that grabs digital audio from CDs. It copies the audio digitally which let you make perfect copies of the originals. Freedb and amazon access. 2 configurations.

free download (3.75 Mb)

Create copies of DVD with IQmango DVD Copy

IQmango DVD Copy 3.4.5

Make lossless quality copies of your favorite DVDs easily and completely free using IQmango DVD Copy! It is the finest DVD copying software, which enables you to clone DVD discs and thus preserve your whole DVD movie collection from wearing out.

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Internet search for pirated video copies.

PVC Finder 1.0

PVC Finder is a software tool which offers a unique way of internet search for possibilities of illegal video files copies occurences.

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Copies all major game copy protections

Game Copy

Copies and/or emulates all major game copy protection methods, plus it does cope with the more tricky ones, such as VOB Protect CD, StarForce 1 & 2, the latest SafeDisc and Securom!

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Germany Patents PDF Downloader

Germany Patents PDF Downloader 1.5

Germany Patents PDF Downloader makes it easy to download PDF copies of Germany patents. Users can download up to 20 copies one time. Both English and German version are available.

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