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Mass Data Backup and Storage - Simple app.

Mass Data Backup and Storage 1.0

Mass Data Backup and Storage - This is a simple and easy-to-use application that can help you find the information about mass data backup and storage. The application will also help you find service providers. Mass Data Backup and Storage.

free download (1.97 Mb)

Windows integrated backup software

TyphoonBackup 1.0005

TyphoonBackup is the easiest way to backup files on your computer. Simply right click on any file or folder and choose "Backup!" TyphoonBackup will place a small green dot next to your file, showing you that the file is backed up.

free download (32 Mb)

Automatic file and disk image backup software

Handy Backup Full 6.9

Handy Backup Full is an automatic file backup, disk imaging and hot database backup software. Supports backup to DVD/CD, FTP/SFTP, LAN or Online with scheduler, ZIP and encryption. Can run as service under Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and 2008/2003 Server

free download trial (17.87 Mb)

Online Google Apps Backup Service

Google Apps Backup Service 1.1

Get an ideal Google Apps backup Service that the user can take backup of Google Apps folders including including email, Calendar, etc and extract all items from Google Apps folders to a local hard drive.

free download trial (5.5 Mb)

Whitelabel cloud backup software for MSPs

Ahsay Backup Software v7.5 for Windows

Ahsay is a fully OEM rebrandable local/online backup solution for managed backup service providers. New features include Running VM Directly From Backup, Live Backup, Restore and Replication monitoring, easy rebranding, fast backup and restore, etc.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Retrieve email exchange server backup

Retrieve Email Exchange Server Backup 2.0

Use Retrieve email exchange server backup software when exchange backup gets corrupted and you wants quick access. Retrieve email exchange server backup has friendly interface.

free download trial (1013 Kb)

Hybir Backup - Full Backup and Full Restore

Hybir Backup 3.00.003

Hybir Backup is a full / image backup program for Microsoft Windows. This is the full product and it is completely free for personal or business use. This is not a crippled version and does not contain any add-ins like toolbars you may not want.

free download (2.5 Mb)

How to Restore Backup of SQL Server Database

How to Restore Backup of SQL Server Data 5.1

With the help of SQL backup database recovery tool users are capable to know that how to restore backup of SQL Server database from corrupt situation to healthy form without affecting original file data information.

free download trial (3.03 Mb)

Recover Exchange Server Backup

Recover Exchange Server Backup 1.0

Recover Exchange Server Backup when an uncertain error attack and makes your backup file out of access. Recover Exchange Window Server Backup Software is well executable with all editions of Exchange.

free download trial (1024 Kb)

Ubiquitous Cloud Storage Client

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition 2.3.432

Gladinet Cloud Desktop mounts cloud storage as local folders. It is a personal cloud agent, an open online backup platform, and a desktop delivery agent for cloud service providers.

free download trial (11.29 Mb) :: order online

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