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Keyboard and mouse recorder, player, editor.

Jitbit Macro Recorder 4.62

Jitbit Macro Recorder is a keyboard recorder, mouse recorder, player and script editor. All recorded keystrokes and mouse activity can be saved to disk as a macro, bound to hotkeys, extended with custom commands or compiled to an EXE file.

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Invisible keyboard keystroke recorder utility

Keyboard Keystrokes Logger

Free keyboard activities surveillance software records all single keystrokes, passwords, username, online chat and internet usage in a secret log file. Keyboard keystroke recorder tool works in stealth mode and not detected by any antivirus software.

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Super Keylogger

Super Keylogger 3.3.7

Super Keylogger is used to investigate, in stealth mode, all activities of your employees, spouse and kids. Super Keylogger is a professional yet very easy to use keylogger with remote installation. For more details: www.superkeylogger.com

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Mac keystroke recorder

KeystrokesWatch 1.0

Spy software is a stealth keystroke recorder that enables invisible monitoring of every keystroke typed on any application, creates the record of notes written,instant message charts, programs run, etc.

free download trial (18.18 Mb)

Mac monitoring software captures keystrokes

DutyWatch Remote 1.1.5

Spy software includes keystroke and password recording. Due to ability to monitor employee web this perfect keylogger for Mac assists in time and expense tracking

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Software secretly traces user internet action

Keystroke Keylogger

Safe and secure Keystroke Key logger software is available at www.freekeystrokerecorder.org to record type URLs, text documents and other access application activities in your absence on system.

free download (1.52 Mb)

Keystroke tool secretly record chat history

Free Keystroke Keylogger

Company offers cost effective Free Keystroke Keylogger software on www.freekeystrokerecorder.net website that prevents external users to change or modify system configuration settings by providing password protection facility.

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Key logger Software trace visited URL

Keystroke Capture Keylogger

Purchase cost effective Keystroke Capture Key logger software from company website www.keystrokecapture.net to track guest user online as well as offline computer system activity invisibly.

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Monitor PC actions by keystroke capture tool

Keystrokes Recorder Software

Computer monitoring tool runs in background secretly to capture all computer works of external user silently. Use Keystrokes Recorder Software for tracing your kids computer activities in your absence without any effort easily.

free download trial (1.5 Mb)

Hidden Keylogger

Hidden Keylogger 2.29

Hidden Keylogger Pro is an advanced undetectable low level stealth keystroke logger application that will secretly record all computer activities (visited websites, all the keystrokes, screenshots, chat convos etc.). See more: www.hiddenkeylogger.com

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