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Start playing 4th of July Freecell Solitaire!

Fourth of July Freecell Solitaire 1.0

America was founded on notions of independence and freedom. What better way to celebrate free than by playing Fourth of July Freecell Solitaire? It is possible to beat almost every one of these games.

free download (7.96 Mb)

Freak out with Halloween Freecell Solitaire!

Halloween Freecell Solitaire 1.0

Eyeballs, and tombstones and cats, oh my!!! Solitaire just got a little scarier with the Halloween Freecell card game. Similar to Klondike Solitaire, the goal of Freecell is to move each card into the four upper right piles.

free download (7.99 Mb)

Play cards with native Africans

African Freecell 1.0

Play cards with native Africans of the most powerful tribe. Living far away from the civilization they have learnt to play card very well. Now they are world known gamblers and can defeat you easily. But nevertheless, do your best and win!

free download (2 Mb)

Penguin Solitaire, free solitaire card game

Quick Penguin Solitaire 1.0

Quick Penguin Solitaire is a free solitaire card game similar to freecell. Like Freecell Solitaire the player uses freecells to manuver cards while trying to move the cards to the foundations. In Penguin Solitaire, the player is given 7 freecells.

free download (3.33 Mb)

Penguin Solitaire, a Freecell Solitaire Game

Penguin Solitaire 1.0

Penguin Solitaire is a Freecell Solitaire card game in which the player attempts to arrange all the cards in the deck in order and by suit into the foundations. Penguin Solitaire is free to download and play.

free download (3.33 Mb)

Fall free this fall with Fall Freecell Solita

Fall Freecell Solitaire 1.0

Fall free this fall with Fall Freecell Solitaire. You can feel good about this puzzle game no matter what because you can win virtually all Fall Free Cell Solitaire games. The goal is to fill the four foundation slots with all 52 cards of the deck.

free download (7.98 Mb)

Chill out with Winter Freecell Solitaire!

Winter Freecell Solitaire 1.0

So the new-fallen snow outside was tempting enough for you to take a break from your computer and build your very own Frosty the Snowman. We completely understand! Now that you're ready to shake your winter chill off again, give Freecell a try!

free download (8.02 Mb)

Free Cell is based on solitaire.

Free Cell 6

Free Cell is based on solitaire and played with one full deck of cards. This is a skill game, as it possible to win almost every Free Cell game. Play in Free Cell begins with eight tableaux which include all playable cards, four foundational spots.

free download (2.52 Mb)

Baker's Game is hard Free Cell Solitaire.

Bakers Game Free Cell 6

Welcome to the hardest variation of Free Cell Solitaiire, Baker's Game. Baker's Game was invented in 1968 by C.L. Baker, and like Free Cell, Baker's Game is an open game. Cards are dealt facing up in eight tableau piles.

free download (2.48 Mb)

It includes about 450 solitaire card games.

Solitaire Games 1000 1.0

Super Solitaire Deluxe includes about 450 solitaire card games such as FreeCell, Diplomat, Eighteens, Flower Garden, Grandfather's Clock, Klondike, Pyramid, Royal Rendezvous, Spider Solitaire, Golf and Travellers.

free download (3.56 Mb)

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