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Sunlight Map Clock

Sunlight Map Desktop Clock 1.0.0

This world map wallpaper shows the current time, points out major cities and helpfully illuminates the current distribution of sunlight across the globe. With this as your self-updating desktop background, you'll always know where the sun is shining.

free download (335 Kb)

3D Digital Clock Wallpaper

3D Digital Clock Wallpaper 1.0.0

Slim, minimalist white numbers tick away on a flat black background in this 3D digital clock desktop wallpaper. Simplicity and smooth animation keeps the current time always available and never slows down your machine.

free download (284 Kb)

decorate your desktop with an original clock!

Sprinkle Clock ScreenSaver 2.3

Sprinkle Clock is a new clock that use leaves as its hands. Decorate your desktop with this original time measuring tool and always know the current time!

free download (1.39 Mb)

Original Clock Wallpaper

Cool Desktop Clock Wallpaper 1.0.0

This abstract analog clock wallpaper delivers the time in unique style right on your desktop. Smooth-ticking animated hands and numbers keep the time at your fingertips in analog and original formats.

free download (377 Kb)

Dynamic Waves Wallpaper

Abstract Concept Desktop Clock 1.0.0

This animated digital clock desktop wallpaper is like no concept of a clock you've ever seen before. The unique, abstract style gives your desktop background a flair of individuality while keeping the time at your fingertips.

free download (295 Kb)

3D Digital Clock Wallpaper

White Digital Desktop Clock Wallpaper 1.0.0

Boldly highlighted red and white digits proudly pop out of a hazy red/black background in bright 3D effect with this digital clock wallpaper for your desktop. The slant style and smooth animation give your desktop a high-tech and glossy look.

free download (284 Kb)

New animated free clock screensaver.

Box Clock Screensaver 2.0

Do you remember square mechanical clock with arabic numerals? Now you can enjoy this clock on your desktop with our new clock screensaver. It is designed in blue and grey colors and will really save your screen.

free download (2.07 Mb)

Animated Clock Wallpaper

Swinging Desktop Clock Wallpaper 1.0.0

This unique and smoothly animated desktop background cleverly combines digital and analog clocks into an engaging wallpaper timepiece with both a sleek modern style and a cool classic pendulum swing, bringing in the vintage vibe.

free download (330 Kb)

3D Digital Clock Wallpaper

CSI Digital Desktop Clock Wallpaper 1.0.0

Get the latest time front and center with this black digital clock counting off the seconds right on your desktop background in eye-catching 3D style. A convenient way to keep things running smoothly and on time.

free download (284 Kb)

Cool, radiant, futuristic clock screensaver!

Luminescent Clock ScreenSaver 2.5

A glowing, futuristic clock fits well for adding a thin coating of Sci-Fi to your desktop. Nice blooming coming from every part of the clock fills the place with splendor and helps you to imagine a taste of things to come. The clock color changes!

free download (2.73 Mb)

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