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Strong encryption password manager.

Encrypted Password Repository 1.6

Secure password manager with strong encryption and feature that helps one to avoid typing long usernames and passwords. Protects personal and corporate data. Helps prevent identify theft and fraud.

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a powerful file encryption tools .

Lark File Encryption 6.1.8

Lark File Encryption is a powerful file encryption tools .

free download trial (802 Kb) :: order online ($14.95)

Kryptel - a complete encryption solution.

Kryptel 6.4

Kryptel is a file encryption program, enabling you to use strong cryptographic algorithms for protecting your files and folders. Kryptel supports drag and drop, and makes encryption of any number of files as easy as a single mouse click.

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Easy-to-use file encryption software.

Kryptelite 6.2.3

Kryptelite is an easy-to-use solution even a new computer user will be comfortable with. It fully supports drag-and-drop, and in most cases a single drag and drop is all what is needed for protecting any number of files and folders.

free download (7.52 Mb)

S-IMessenger uses SSL/TLS protocol

S-IMessenger 1.0

S-IMCO Corporate Instant Messenger is a secure Enterprise Instant Messaging system that offers strong SSL/TLS encryption for all your enterprise messaging needs.

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Quick Corporate Minutes & Resolutions

Quick Corporate Minutes 5.0.2

Quick Corporate Minutes (aka "QuickMinutes") will allow you to enter your state-required corporate minutes and resolution requirements. Even if you are just a one-man operation, the formal requirements of maintaining records is essential.

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corporate retreat information

Corporate retreat 3 1.6

The ebook contains corporate retreat information. You can learn about great vacation opportunities.

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VoIP Tunneling and Encryption

Mizu VoIP Tunnel 4.2.1

By using encrypted VoIP transport your users will be able to communicate confidentially and your VoIP traffic cannot be sniffed and blocked by third party agencies or corporate firewalls.

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Best disk encryption software for  laptop.

ImlSoft Whole Disk Encryption 2.0.2

Use this tool to lock down the entire contents of a laptop, desktop, external drive, or USB flash drive, including boot sectors, system, and swap files.

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1344 Bit Military strong Hard Disk encryption

DriveCrypt 5.1.0

DriveCrypt is the worlds most used 1334 bit hard disk encryption software. It uses virtual container as well as partition encryption and can hide data in music files.

free download trial (10.32 Mb)

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