Audio Editor to edit wav and Mp3 files.

FlexiMusic Wave Editor Aug2004

Easy to use audio editor to create, record, edit, draw, add effects and play mp3/audio files. Cut, copy, paste, re-sample, adj-vol, fade, equalize, echo, modulate and stretch. Part-play, reverse play, variable speed play and more.

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It is a virtual musical instrument on your PC

FlexiMusic Orchestra Mar2004

In FlexiMusic Orchestra you assign "small pieces of music beat" to each key/button of all your "Input Devices" and play it as orchestra or musical instrument.Small piece of music beat: You can use any standard instrument/drum from midi bank.

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Music creating/composing software for kids

FlexiMusic Kids Composer Oct 2007

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is designed to enrich your child??ôs music knowledge and in schools for learning the fundamentals to create music. Kids enjoy recording their own vocals; and be creative in their own way.

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It is a music sound generating software.

FlexiMusic Generator June 2002

"FlexiMusic Generator" is a music sound generating software product. It produces musical and non-musical special sounds with out using any musical instrument, easily and quickly. All you need is creative thinking about music and sound.

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Produce songs by composing your samples&voice

FlexiMusic Composer Mar2005

It is complete, music composing software. Make your own song at home on your PC. Arrange your samples rhythmically and make a small music cycle of a looping melody and add effects. Sequence them on an unlimited number of tracks to compose music with lyric

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