Simply build home video surveillance system.

Webcam Surveillance Monitor 2.5

Webcam Surveillance Monitor streams video from the webcam directly to your video surveillance system, alarms you when there are abrupt motion events. Webcam Surveillance Monitor supports both home surveillance and outdoor video surveillance.

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An easy way to restore OS and recover files.

System Backup and Restore 3.0

System Restorer is a reliable and practical tool for operating system restoration and deleted files recovery. It can help you to recover your operating system and data even when system crashes. It??™s easy to use with neatly designed interface.

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Best layout designer for dynamic publishing.

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing 1.0

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is professional in designing and dynamic publishing label, business card, bar code, check, ticket, coupon, flowchart, cover, schematic diagram, customer sticker, CD label, Paper package and customized invitation.

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Best MAC - IP scanner for network management.

MAC - IP Scanner for Win7 2.0

MAC - IP Scanner for Win7 is the world leading tool for network management and network analysis. This famous tool is designed for both network administrators in the office and LAN users at home. This tool keeps your networks under security control.

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Keyloger software for parental control.

Keylog Monitor for Win7 2012

Keylog Monitor is widely used for parental control, employee monitoring and private detective service. It records all the activities on PC, including keystroke, email, website, application, image, CD-Rom, USB drive, printer and instant message.

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Google Translate Desktop is a text translator

Google Translate Desktop 1.2.72

Google Translate Desktop is free desktop text translators based on google translate online. This freeware is widely used on email writings, document writings, business communications, foreign articles readings and kids' education.

free download (137 Kb)

Record and speed transformable repeat voice.

Free Voice Recorder 1.99

Free Voice Recorder is a smart audio software for recording, playing and repeating voice on PC. It supports audio formats as Mp3, WMA, OGG, REA, ect. Flexible voice repeater function enables 0.4-4 times fluent audio streaming speed.

free download (751 Kb)

Code to FlowChart converts code to flowchart.

Code to FlowChart for Win7 1.0

Code to FlowChart is an automated flowchart generator for software developers and document writers. It analyzes the programming statements, loops then builds a diagram fully automated. Code to FlowChart helps users to understand complex system.

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