Ever get bored with your desktop background?

TPD Wallpaper Rotator 2.0.0

Ever get bored with your desktop background? Loop through a folder of images automatically, keep your desktop background new and exciting.

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Screen Shot Pro capture your screen

TPD Screen Shot Pro 2.1.3

Capture your screen with Screen Shot Pro. Screen Shot Pro is packed full of features that you just can't find in most other screen capture software that are priced the same.

free download trial (1.11 Mb)

Resize your digital photos

TPD Picture Resizer Pro 3.1.8

Picture Resizer puts you in command of your pictures, resize them one by one, or all at once then get rid of all those huge pictures taking up space.

free download trial (1.28 Mb)

Worried that someone may be using your images

TPD Image Copyright Pro 2.0.0

TPD Image Copyright Pro you can digitally sign your work storing your information into the image where only you will know where it is. How is this done you ask? Provide some basic details about your image or photo as well as your copyright info.

free download trial (536 Kb)

Clean up clutter with Duplicate File Finder

TPD Duplicate File Finder 2.0.0

Have you ever wondered if you have two of the same images on your computer? Or wondered if you could remove a bunch of extra files that are cluttering up your hard drive? Well here is your answer, Duplicate File Finder!

free download trial (3.84 Mb)

Don't let your child be a victim

TPD Browser Lock 2.0.0

Don't let your child be a victim of cyber bullying Protect your children from online predators by blocking Internet access with Browser Lock. Browser Lock runs quietly in the background and prevents access to the Internet, via a browser, while you'r

free download trial (2.19 Mb)

Not always sure what keywords you should use

SEO Keyword Analyzer 1.0.0

Not always sure what keywords you should use to get your website ranked well with search engines? Well here's a nifty tool to help you figure out what keywords you should use for your site.

free download (585 Kb)

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