Video movies as Your ScreenSaver

VisiSaver 1.5.9

With VisiSaver you can customize your screen saver and set screensaver from series of your favorite movie clips. It is funny and easy. You should point a folder of your videos and after screensaver starting you can see movies.

free download (1.71 Mb)

Convert PowerPoint to video movies

VisiPPT 1.7.8

VisiPPT is a program to convert Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentations (.pptx and .ppt) into video files (.avi, .wmv) or Adobe flash files (.swf, .flv) step by step.

free download trial (14.04 Mb)

VisiFly is wizard video to flash converter!

VisiFly 2.5.8

VisiFly is an easy-to-use program to convert your video files into streaming Adobe (Macromedia) Flash files step by step. It converts almost any video format (avi, wmv, mpeg, mp4, mov and many others) to Flash (swf, flv).

free download trial (32 Mb)

Crop video and save part from movie

VisiCrop 1.0.9

VisiCrop is a powerful video cropping program that can cut and save a part from any video file. You can remove unwanted frames and parts of video file by cropping it, which gives a zoomed in, cramped image with much important video information.

free download trial (16.68 Mb)

Video Userpic creates userpics from video!

Video Userpic 1.8.12

Video UserPic is a tool for creating video userpics from any digital video with video crop function. Result userpic will be an animated GIF file which can be applied at any forums, message boards and IM. this is really funny and useful!

free download trial (10.87 Mb)

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