Easily create and edit XML and HTML sitemaps.

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MySitemap 2.30


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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Mac OS X
Price: $24.95
mySitemap allows you to easily create HTML and XML sitemaps (Google Sitemaps) by scanning websites either locally or already on the internet. Once scanned, mySitemap will allow you to view, edit and export the sitemap for inclusion on your website.

*Creates both HTML and XML sitemaps
*Scan websites locally or on the internet.
*Add filters to stop certain pages, folders or file extensions being scanned.
*See if you have any broken links in your website and where the link is pointing to.
*Edit your generated sitemaps appearance before exporting to get the look you're after.
*Edit and delete link names and urls in your sitemap before exporting.
*Easily respect or ignore your robots.txt file.
*Saves each sitemap for easy maintenance.
*XML sitemaps conform to the XML Sitemap protocol standard.
*HTML sitemaps created as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
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