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VideoPower RED V6.2.0.0



Supported languages: English, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Polish
Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Price: $49.00
VideoPower RED is one of the products of VideoPower that offers services which mainly focus on Video & Music Download, Record, and Convert. Unlike any other available applications online, VideoPower RED offers a variety of functionalities available for each service which makes it very flexible and easy to customize.
It supports 1000+ video and music sites where you can download like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Ted, etc.
Another best functionality available in this product is the ???Detector???.There are three (3) ways of how the detector works.
1. You can copy and paste a URL to download
2. It auto-detects embedded browsers
3. It detects the video being played with an external browser like Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc. and automatically downloads it.
This software has an option available where you can record your screen by region, full screen, around mouse, with Web Camera, or Audio only. Real-time editing during recording screen such as add shapes, text, or change the color while you are recording.
There are a lot of video editors available online but it is very rare to see a video converter tool and at the same time a video editor. Different from the other video editors, VideoPower RED allows users to edit videos gracefully. Editing videos can be annoying because of the rendering part since it will take a lot of time and makes it difficult to use. But with VideoPower RED, it skips the rendering waiting time which makes everything very easy and spontaneous.
The software also allows users to convert files format to a wide range of video/audio formats which make your media files much more handy to use.
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