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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 x64 / Windows 8 / Win7x32 / Win7x64 / WinVista / WinVista x64 / WinXP / Other
Price: $49.00
Bulk SMS software enables users to efficiently send a high volume of SMS messages to numerous recipients at once. Here is a detailed explanation of how bulk SMS software for Windows typically works: *To begin, it is necessary to download and install the bulk SMS software on a computer or server running on the Windows operating system. Once the installation is complete, the software can be conveniently accessed through a user-friendly graphical interface. *Bulk SMS Software requires configuration with the essential settings after it has been installed. *Importing contact lists into the bulk SMS software is made easy as it supports various sources such as CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and databases. *It is recommended to perform a trial print of your birthday card designs before proceeding with the final printing, in order to verify that they align with your envisioned look and feel. * Once the initial setup is complete, users can create SMS messages within the software. *Bulk SMS software allows users to customize messages for each recipient. * Software allows users to schedule the SMS campaign for a specific date and time. How many types of support does the software provide? *Bulk SMS software providers offer extensive documentation and knowledge bases that contain in-depth information regarding the software's features, functionalities, and usage. * Bulk SMS software providers provide email support for their users, enabling them to contact the support team by sending an email regarding any inquiries, issues, or technical problems they may encounter. *Bulk SMS software providers offer live chat support through their websites. *Users of bulk SMS software can avail phone support services offered by providers, which allow them to communicate directly with support representatives via telephone.
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