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Supported OS: Win 3.1x / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT 3.x / WinNT 4.x / WinXP / Windows2000 / Windows2003 / Windows Tablet PC Editi
Price: $47.00
Warcraft Millionaire Warcraft Millionaire, if you have yet to hear about it, is a brand new WoW gold guide from the only Warcraft Gamer on earth to reach the 1 million gold mark in the game and probably the richest WoW player of all time.

The concepts behind Warcraft Millionare are simple - by following Brad Johnson`s gold making tactics, you can start working your way toward what he has accomplished in the last four years - a massive fortune that most people cannot quite believe exists.

There has been a lot of argument over whether Brad`s claim is even possible. I was one of the many who took to forums to pick up various sides of the argument, but as the facts surfaced and I looked into Warcraft Millionaire, I found more and more that the truth was just as surprising as it has seemed - Brad really has reached astronomical gold heights.
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