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Total Surfing Fitness

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Total Surfing Fitness
Have you ever experienced any of these problems when surfing..?

Your shoulders get tired from paddling and you struggle to make it back out for more waves...

Your arms have been too fatigued to take-off and you end up riding down the wave like a body boarder...

You watch other surfers paddle past you effortlessly, catching wave after wave while you flounder around in the white wash...

You can't pull off any good manoeuvres like everyone else...
You can pop-up most of the time but you often lack enough balance to stay on the wave and you wipe out too early...

You just want to surf all day, but you are burnt out after a couple of waves and have to retire for the day...

You keep getting injured in the surf...

Sometimes you just wonder why you bother surfing at all...

Or maybe you are a pretty good surfer and after seeing how the pros train, you want a fitness program that can take your surfing performance to the next level...

What is Total Surfing Fitness?

Most fitness programs created by fitness trainers are designed for bodybuilders not athletes. Generally these programs are generic in nature and do not tailor to the specific needs of the athlete.

To really boost your performance you need a fitness program that is functional in nature, with exercises and workouts that will help you surf harder and longer,
decrease the risk of injury and have you landing more
insane tricks every time.

All New Fun & Challenging Workouts

Plus New Cardio Training Manual

Get Fit to Surf Faster Than Ever!

Never Get Bored of Working Out Again!

What is the Total Surfing Fitness Difference?

What makes Total Surfing Fitness better than other programs on the market?

Total Surfing Fitness is the most comprehensive surf specific exercise program on the internet

We address all of the essential surfing fitness components: functional strength, flexibility & mobility, core stability, strength and rotary power, cardiovascular fitness and balance.
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