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Happy Glass for PC

Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Win7 x64
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You can now download and play Happy Glass on your PC for free without emulators. Are you looking for a fun puzzle game? Check out this adorable challenge. Your objective is to help the sad glass. Because it is empty, it looks dejected and sorrowful. But there is a way to make it happy again. Cheer it up by filling the Happy Glass with liquid. In Happy Glass, your job is to fill up the empty glass to make it smile again. To do this, you need to draw lines that will guide the flow of water into the glass. Every level in the Happy Glass game comes with a different challenge. Some are easy; others can be difficult. So be creative in your solutions. Do what you think is the best way to lead the liquid into the empty glass and fill it to the brim. The great thing about the Happy Glass online game is that it encourages you to think outside the box. You do not have to stick to the conventional ways to get the job done. As long as it is permissible within the game, you can use every available solution and make the glass full of water. Aim to earn three stars for completing each level. You can play Happy Glass free. Enjoy the smart puzzles and dynamic mechanism as you attempt to complete the challenges in each level. It is a fun and relaxing game that lets you explore the countless solutions on each level.
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