Jalada Hamia 2- The Ice Cube Game

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Jalada Hamia 2 1.2.0


jalada GmbH

Supported languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Supported OS: Windows 8 / Windows RT
Price: Free
Jalada Hamia 2 - The Ice Cube Game.

When we hit upon the magic combination of simplicity and challenge, which keeps you coming back to play jalada Hamia 2 again and again. We knew we had a game with mass appeal. It's thought-provoking, maddeningly addictive, and thoroughly fun for anyone from 5 years of age to 105.

jalada Hamia is a challenging, brain-teasing puzzle game based on moving ice cubes around a playground with various places and corridors. Scattered throughout the area are ice cubes which must be moved into a pre-determined area. Don't be too quick to scoff! It sounds so simple, but a well-planned strategy is the only way you will ever successfully complete your task. You must think through your next one, two, five or more moves to ovoid an error. One wrong move can render the puzzle unsolvable.

Work your way sequentially through the 78 predesigned levels. Each level is a puzzle that takes skill, strategy and your wits to solve. It's addictive! Once you start you can't stop. Some puzzles may seem impossible, but there is a solution to each one. Scoring is based on number of moves and time required to complete each game. Top scores are automatically recorded and saved, but they can be erased.

With jalada Hamia 2 there is always the challenge to complete just one more level. And before you know it-you're hooked!

+ All included no In-App Purchases
+ 78 predesigned levels
+ Enjoy gorgeous graphics and relaxing sounds
+ Three categories of difficulty - perfect for beginners and experts alike
+ Supports touch screen and mouse/keyboard controls
+ Multiple levels of increasing complexity
+ Extensive statistics
+ Multiple scoring systems
+ Top scores saved for all levels
+ Very simple to learn
+ Integrated Help pages.
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