Nightmare House is an adventure game for free

Nightmare House 1.0

The Nightmare House game is a free online scary point and click adventure based on A Nightmare On Elm Street. In the game??ôs plot, you live on Elm Street, next door to the house of the infamous Freddy Krueger.

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An adventure RPG for PC

Arevan The Bitter Truth 2.0

Help Maurean and his adventuresome companions track down a gruesome murderer by fighting monsters and solving challenging puzzles.

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Survive the exciting adventure!

The Island: Castaway 1.0

Play the role of Tom Allison and go deep into the island to find out what mysteries are hidden by this forgotten place with the latest simulation game The Island: Castaway.

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Harvey returns for Dawn's Light 2!

Dawn's Light 2 1.0

Harvey is struggling to adapt to his post adventure life. Days and nights no longer have any meaning. That is until his deceased brother Victor shows up at his doorstep.

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Take Drugs with Nerds in the Zone

Bone2.1 2.1

Take drugs in the Zone, puzzle your way through this shooter Type game looking for Nerds to take drugs with, Beat your own High Scores. Purchase the serial key from nicholasnel.com to unlock the Scooter and more possible High scores.

free download trial (22.23 Mb)

An astonishing tactical MMORPG

DOFUS for Linux 2.2

DOFUS is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Being a mixture of video game and interactive animated cartoon, DOFUS brings a new concept within online games.

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Can you become the ... Jack of All Worlds?

Jack of All Worlds 1.0

After his father dies in a freak accident, Jack vows to do whatever it takes to bring him back. He begins a journey that will show him how much of a difference one person can make. Jack will need to become the ... Jack of All Worlds!

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Single player role playing game.

Gemstone Dragon 1.1

The Empire has grown corrupt, shunning the Dragons and Dragoknights who helped build and protect it. Customize your character's skills, equipment and magical items, and fight towards your quest to uncover the fate of the Gemstone Dragon.

free download trial (27.04 Mb) :: order online ($16.95)

Dawn's Light is a great new rpg!

Dawn's Light 1.0

Dawn's Light features tons of enthralling puzzles, unique dungeon designs, an epic storyline and an intuitive journal system. Explore over 25 islands across 5 different continents in this massive quest.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Princess Isabella A Witch's Curse  Overview

Princess Isabella A Witch Curse Overview 1.0

Do you need the most accurate and complete information to a thrilling hidden object game Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse? Now there is a special overview which is entirely devoted to this download game Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse.

free download (9.98 Mb)

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