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Supported languages: English
Supported OS: iPhone
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Business Alarm Clock is not your regular alarm app! It does have all the alarm clock features and more! However, it also has meeting/event reminders for different time zones. Do you have a meeting with a client at 10AM? Do you know the time difference? Do you need a reminder when its 10AM in that city? Do you need to call your mom tomorrow in another city? Instead of setting your alarm for your time zone, set the alarm for their time zone.
Business Alarm Clock will automatically remind you when it's 10AM in your selected city, so that you never miss that conference call or that call to mom again. This app will easily help you plan your personal and business relations worldwide, by setting alarms for multiple cities from around the world.
In addition, to time zone alarms. Use Business Alarm Clock to start your day right with this feature-packed alarm app.
The app includes a beautiful digital clock, weather, day of the week, battery charge status and more.
App Features
Front Camera Flashlight, Shake On/Off
Portrait Or Landscape Display
Add Reminder Note To Your Alarm
Adjustable Alarm Volume
Vibration Alarm
Play Ringtone or Song As Alarm
Everyday and Weekday Only Alarm Setting
Set Multiple Alarms
Multiple Alarm Snooze Options
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